Wednesday, December 30, 2009

ढेर सारे खुशियाँ सब के लियें - happiness from the old year and Happy New Year !!!

कल इस साल का आखरी दिन है. पिछली बातें यादें बन जायेंगे और नईं बातें नए उमीदों पे टिक जायेंगे.पुरानी खुशियाँ रेत की तरह समेटी जायेंगे और नयी साल की शुरुवात रेसोलुतिओंस से भर दीए जायेंगे. ऐसे मैं मेरा दिल तो कुछ और ही कहता है. नाही कोई वादा और नाही कोई सिखवा ,इस्सी के साथ नए साल की स्वागत करती हूँ और कुछ दिनों के लिए दोस्तों से अलविदा लेती हूँ. पता नहीं नयी साल कहाँ बितायुंगी मगर जहाँ कहीं भी रहूंगी आप सबके लिए सुभ कामनाएं जरूर मांगूंगी .

All The Very Best To All :)

सोचो के झीलों का शहर हो, लेहेरों पे अपना एक घर हो.
हम जो देखे सपने प्यारे, सच हो सारे ...बस और क्या :)

enjoy life - make this your slogan for the birth and make your dreams unlimited. Some will definitely come true.

This year I got so many strange mails where people were appreciating my profile and blog. But the best piece I have ever received says - "....U r ....that first flake of snow in winter....soft..smooth... innocent and utterly romantic or if i may term it as Bliss....u r that note which every poet keeps running around for but few pronounce it.... "

I humbly thank all my well wishers. God Bless Them All.


Saturday, December 26, 2009

wish list :)

I Wish To Have This On 01.01.10


MM, that's what I am describing myself now a days. Hey ! don't giggle over your thoughts. I don't mean Millimeter, I mean I am becoming Movie Maniac - MM :)
I have been watching few classics these days but the best piece I have seen is 3 idiots. Hats off to the entire crew of 3 idiots for giving us such a deadly movie to refresh ourselves before entering another year of resolutions, commitments and what not.If U have'nt watched it yet... Boss, make it a must watch as early u can.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Sleepless !!!

I never thought there can be a movie which can make me read a book and watch another movie in a sequence. I just watched Sleepless in Seattle. A very good movie. A movie which is forcing me to read The Fountain Head again and raises a feel to watch Casablanca again. In the very first scene ,i was reminded of Casablanca,where,all the guy had was just his memories and here all they have is just a sign.
In this movie, you will find what true love is and for those who have'nt fallen in love, it will make you fall in love and for those who have'nt got their love, I bet you will be remotivated or you will rethink of what you did'nt struggle for.
It shows how compatible a girl turned to be a wife can be with her husband there by showing how expressive a husband can be. But, yes there is always someone to be honored or praised in making such lives or dreams come true. And in this movie, the little boy plays the Magic. I rate this movie in a line with all my favourites, PS:I love you, Casablanca,Spirit:Stallion of the Cimarron must remember this, a kiss is still a kiss,a sigh is just a sigh.
the fundamental things apply,as time goes by.

and when two lovers woo,they still say "i love you."on that you can rely.
no matter what the future brings, as time goes by.

PS: if u have'nt watched this movie ,please make an earnest effort to watch it. I am sure you will fall in love.

Friday, December 4, 2009

A day not to be mentioned

I dont know what went wrong... but i messed up my whole day .. :)
with a regular process of my treatment , I went to the doctor and was all set for it.
But instead of a heating current of 5-9 range I opted for a 10-15 range.
I wonder why i wanted to take the pain of that much heat when I knew my body restricts me to 8. Well , I still dont know why i took it.
but the after effect was good... I got a special massage at the spa from the Doc. But the worse was she had to rub my foot, to get those burns out, so that I can go for the treatment tomorrow. It was terrible.
Well, I am glad i could take that pain.
I dont think that was enough for the day...i had to walk down with that painful foot and middle of the way..while setting the stroller for my son, i hit my thumb and now i am with ice pack on it..
Seriously a bad day...
Anyways ! day has ended..
hope things go good later on .

But ,strange enough, All through this , I was just reminded of Domnique .

God Bless
Amen .

Monday, November 30, 2009

LA - destination always accepted

If there is a place on earth which I would love to spend days next to my home its Los Angeles ...
I dont know how I got a soft corner for the place, but I am always delighted to live there. May be the people I have been with, the friends I made there, the shops, the malls, my 1st house in USA ,#135 , in short I love anything and everything in LA.
My most memorable place ,where I viewed world in a different angle. I could built my very first social stand there. Even this time when I was in LA, I really had a super blasting week. Thanx to Milli ma'am n Bilas Sir for their splendid food .. I swear it was a treat..every dish we had was worth praising.
My visit to Tally Ho was another best part.. cuz thats the place where I lived and had enourmous memories. The moment I step into Tally Ho,or to say the moment our car drove thru' Hawthrone, I got a feel as if I am going to my Maika ! .
I am glad I could make a visit to my old place and visit all friends over there in such a short span.
And the best part was my shopping which i did till my satisfaction.

God Bless the lil ones I am missing here.. Gungun, Shuvam, Sadhvi, Cutie n Shivani

I love LA .. :)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

oo la la ....

With a passion for dance, I have never put a stop to it.
Whether its me on stage or me on the front seat one among the audience, I have always had a soft corner for Dance. So how could I ever miss this grand function at the Newpark Mall.
I was one in the huge crowd viewing and tapping to the teens of California...
take a look and be a part of it.

Enjoy !!! (for a shorter time) (for the whole dance)

oops sorry u need to copy n paste the link in youtube :(

Monday, November 2, 2009

A real lucky day or just a feel ?

My day began with nothing was as usual a hectic beginning. But all of a sudden the world around me seemed like changing. I was giggling, smiling, happier that yesterday.. :)
On my way to his school, I heard two women conversing that "Purnima"(a full moon night), falling on a Monday and specially Karthik Purnima falling on a Monday is considered as a very auspicious and lucky day.
With a blank mind, I rewinded my day and thought what was so lucky today. May be my morning was really special or my evening is going to be special as I will be getting my new pair of glasses. Anyways ! I am going with what I heard and signing off for the day . Hope every one had a special smile on their face today.

God Bless !!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

this is what life really is...

From the moment of bliss through the steps of life , I acted upon so many activities, interacted with so many people, passed through various thought processes but at certain level these attributes changed .But at the back of my mind I hardly ever forgot anything or anyone. Gone are those days when I was giggling with my brothers and sisters over silly matters , sharing food from the same plate, eating, munching, chattering all day long even fighting, quarelling but at the end of the day praying for them. Well these habits have'nt changed but the scenario have changed. We are all grown up and living lives as per the dimensions we have set for ourselves. I came abroad,living my parents, my house, all my fun over there. But made new friends and life changed like a toss of a coin. Few of my unfolded dreams which I had once dreamt of came true. Well my view of USA ,obviously changed because I had a thought that I will find no friend and a beautiful ,cozy house with peace all over. But ,thanx to the Almighty for not getting that dream come true else I would have ran away from this place. I ,often wonder what is so special about this place that even though I miss my home, my parents, my in-laws, my loved ones, I find it homely here. Well , all credit goes to the selection of place done by my hubby, for whom I am here. But yes, building society is always credited to the lady of the house. No wonder , I have done that job perfectly. Ahh !!! My friends are my all time activity , apart from the work I am intended to life, my family , which obviously stands first. But , I have often felt ,the days I really feel low, there is someone or the other to help me out of it. Well close ones are the dear ones. One instance which I would love to share is ,one day a very good friend had sent some real yummy food through another friend and with the typical taste of my mom's preparation.I wonder how she knew that I was missing home and made my day but this is what friends are for. They make our day.
And today I got 2 very good friends.. They are Suhas and Aditya. You must be wondering who they are. Well one is a todler and another just a 2nd grade boy. They fight with me, play with me and make my son envy them. But when they 3 are together ,they remind me of those lovely days I had spent with my family, with my brothers and sisters at my home. I can't miss the other two names in the gang .Out of which one loves to irritate me to an unextended degree. With all his spanish talks, I just make it out that he calls me Shoma and when he is upset, he makes a silly face and sticks to a wall uttering ,"baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad boy !". I wonder when he will learn his genders. :) The other one is just a year older to him and every day , without fail, I have to tell him," Hi Gundu Darnav !"(he is actually Arnav) and he has to reciprocate ,"Hi gundu Doma !".......... Days are passing with these tiny friends.
They are the special gifts God has gifted me. God Bless Them All .

ooooo..... I was actually trying to quote some words I read in a blog, but wonder why I got distracted towards the lil ones... 'nyways ,what I actually wanted to share is .....

Accepting the past and whatever unpleasant may have taken place, helps us integrate it in us. Reminding ourselves that the other person in question is entitled to his own way of looking at things; handling his life helps us accept whatever happened between him and us in a neutral manner and in moving on. Only then we can continue to create positive vibrations to ‘forgive and forget’ though it really should be ‘accept and forgive’. Accept them as they are and forgiveness follows naturally. Trying to forget only makes us remember it some other time. Accepting it actually frees us of the burden.

I loved these lines and wanted to post it here.

God Bless
Amen !!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A black out @ my place

Can you believe, there was a black out at my place today. For near about five minutes there was a power failure at home, no street signals working . But the best part was.... when I had canceled my driving test today.. Hurray !!! b'cuz I swear I could have never driven on such a rainy street with no signals except relying on self judgement of Stop n Go and that too on the streets of California.
Thanx to his black tongue....

Unwind or Wind up !!!

We wind up or unwind our past ,there is always something which never changes in our life. Even if time changes but that person or feeling or thing remains unchanged for us. Something similar is our childhood. We can never forget or change it. But yes,it is always reminded or thought of. Be we with a person talking about our childhood or looking at some videos and getting reminded of the same,we never stop ourselves from sharing it. When my son does something which he feels is an achievement for him, even though it carries no sense but makes it sensible when i realise that it is created by a 4 years old brain.
This is exactly the way we had ones felt when we were with that special person when he/she was feeling special of certain things we did.
I don't remember if I had taken a close look at a snail but a tiny brain knows that the snail can be brought home, kept in a glass jar with some mud, grass and water. This was his Snail Project... do you remember what you did when you were at his stage?
At the end of my hectic day, when i lie down with him to recall our days work, he reminds me of things that I had never thought or worked upon. This really give peace after a busy day.
God Bless Him and Be With Him All The Time.

few words which he never forgets..........
"O God, I thank you for all that you have given me, and please take care of all those who love me."
And if I ask him, what about those who don't love you, can you guess what he answers?
Mommy,"I am mad at them as they don't love me, so nothing for them."

Friday, October 2, 2009

surprised with the unexpected !!!

I opened my mail box to find this picture, the picture of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. I did'nt know whether I was really surprised or happy. Well I was both. In a country like USA, I really feel honoured to see our Father of The Nation's birthday update in a page like Google. My special thanx to google. When every citizen and specially the era of this generation logs to ther screen,they will see Bapu's pic and will definitely seacrh who Mr Gandhi is. And this is how they will know, how important, how preciuos he is for India.

Proud to be an Indian.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Oh dear ! what can the matter be ?

Ever since I got inclined towards You, I had an unusual feeling. Whenever I was happy, I thought it is because you are always with me and even when I was sad, I knew you are there to correct it for me. At times of fault, I was not scared because I knew You are the Almighty for me, so you will always rectify it.
With passing time this became a habit. Even today, when things don't go as per my wish or vice-a-versa ,I leave everything to you, think about you and bow down before the situation so that things go well. Believe me or not, but may be because of the various sinuous in life ,I never felt of leaving you to go ahead of me or stay behind. I am teaching the same to my son, that He is always in your heart. If you listen carefully, you can liten to his words . Well ,he takes it his way,"Mamma, Ganesha stays in my heart,and he is saying its not eating or sleeping time,it's only play time."....:)Cant stop his flow of thoughts.
Can't stop my thoughts either. Many a times I promised before Him,that I wont disturb Him any furthur ,but I never kept my words.Every now and then ,I'll be opening His door and asking Him for another chance. And at the end of the day,when I thank Him for what all He gave me, I put a smile on my face and sleep b'cuz I know ,I will think of him as soon as I am awake.

Should'nt say sorry but.....
Sorry God, I don't want to change myself.... When you bless me, I am happy.


Thursday, September 24, 2009

was it me or some thought ?

A regular 20-25 mints walk from my place to my son's school took me hardly 10 minutes today . And i was smiling all through my way , i dont know why this was happening. Even for a fraction of second i blushed, then forcefully i changed my mind, saying " oh no, this is a road" . Saw a very small puppy,i say it very small becuz it looked jst like a fresh born one and much smaller to the chihuahua,coming pretty close to me and waving his tail and staying close for some time and that made me happy.But truely speaking i was smiling from morning, unnoticed to all, i was in my world but with no such bound feelings to make me happy. I dressed up in my usual way so that nothing goes hyper but i let my hair fall free, did'nt feel like tying them. Looked myself in the mirror, and guess what, I reacted as if i had slimmed down :P .
Gosh ! was something getting me nostalgic ? may be but nah ... :)
anyways i am happy today and still smiling ... :)

God be with me

Sunday, September 20, 2009

hard times when celebration is lonely

......with all tring tring of the calls and my echos on the
arrival of the baby from the womb, warming the arms of the numb,
He is the Yuvraj of the family.Gracius to the Almighty for his destiny.
Born on 20th Sept'09, Sunday , he takes the 34th position in the team.
Apart from all the happiness and blessings I can bestow on him, it hits really hard when i cant be at home in this special moment.
Being away from the family because of certain constraints can give terrible pains which can never be expressed by words but tears do roll down the cheeks.
Dont want to curse myself for being where i am today, because its my fate which has brought me here, but still i desperately want to be with everyone there .
I miss you all .

Lots of love to the proud parents , my bhaiya-bhabi , and their lil 1.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

waiting impatiently

With a new member to be added to our family of 33, which includes all baccha parties, moms n grandmoms are busy calculating the best time and the best day for his/her arrival. I am also counted on the list as i ll be holding a special position soon. All betting for a saturday child, like me.. but i am praying for a Sunday child . A Sunday born chlild is a combo pack of all positive attributes. And they say, if its a child born on a Sunday, she/he carries her/his luck everywhere.
I am calling up home every now n then and bugging brains of all because i am missing home today. I wont be there standing outside the operation theatre to hold the little one as my number comes from a long queue of family but still i know i ll be the first one she will hold to. Waiting for the pearl........

well , this is what every child carries .....
Monday's child is fair of face,
Tuesday's child is full of grace,
Wednesday's child is full of woe,
Thursday's child has far to go,
Friday's child is loving and giving,
Saturday's child works hard for a living,
But the child that is born on Sunday
is bonny and blithe and good and gay ..............

Monday, September 14, 2009

this is how things change

with few bad serves and week strikes, del Potro takes the trophy ... and Roger looses his Grand Slam Title.
--- well never mind, he will definitely come back to his form :)

twist in interest

Few years ago, I was just watching It with a sence of passing time. But gradually with a little bit of understanding began an inclination towards It. You must be thinking of what is that interests me , whats that "It ?"Yes, its the game Tennis , a game I can hardly think of missing. Even though I cant expalin all points , I watch it with all enthusiasm for the players of my choice. Obviously, I too shout for the winner of the previous year so that he/she can complete a series.
And today even I wish my lucky charm for Roger Federer ,the 5th US Open champion ,to win his 6th phase and get the 16th Grand Slam .....
My ambience does'nt permit me to stick to my screen today, but yes, I know he will make it this time too.
And yes, I am happy for the come back of Kim Clijsters and her end strike to win the US open. Congrats Clijsters !!!

Cheers for the Williams and L & L (Leander & Lukas) too !!!

Amen !!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I bet you would love to get one ...

I bet you would love to get a small , a reall small slap from some tiny hands.
Yes, I am sharing a moment with my lil one. A few days back, after his lunch, we were reading some books as part of our daily routine before siesta and I tried (ofcourse knowingly because I was sleepy)to skip a page and he knew it. I had to say sorry and read the entire book again;thats how he punishes me. But in the middle of the story, he asked for a break and said,"Mamma, I think you need a slap." I was shocked to hear that. I asked him,"Beta where did you hear that? Who told you to give a slap?"
He winked and with a sheepish smile he said,"don't worry Mamma, I will give you a small,a real small slap."
And he touched my cheeks with his tiny palm and said ,"see this is a slap.Hitting is not fare so I can give you a small slap." I wondered where he learnt that but were already cozy and slept after a while.
At such moments,even though I feel a bit annoyed, I can't raise a tone at him. He makes me feel super happy.

Monday, August 31, 2009

A Classic Piece :)

When I see a master piece, my first impression goes on having it. If at any cost that is not possible I search around for the store book to leave a note. And I scribble down the whole sheet.
I remember the very first time I had ben to any big store where I could spend was The Shopper's Stop @ Delhi and I had picked up a Lakme 123, the first brand on my self.But I was so glazed at the store I immediately searched for the storebook and scribbled my first impression note. I dont know whether they do it for everyone or just me ,but a guy with a black coat came and read it therby thanking me with a generous smile.
U must be wondering why suddenly I thought of a masterpiece. I was trying to visualize some images last night and the moment I woke up I saw some classic images on my screen. Could'nt stop myself from comenting on them. I rarely get that chance and can never stop myself to grab it.
Be it a painting, a showcase or a person, if it is worth appreciating then do it...dont think much; that is what I believe.

'njoy !!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

tender hearts and clean souls !!!

While making him have his milk, few drops spilled on his dress.I apologised and he immediately replied, "that's okay Mommy, accidents do happen." I asked him where did you learn this. He replied" little bears' daddy ,father bear was telling him."
Little Bear is a character every child loves to watch. Its one of his favorites.
Many a times unexpectedly he says few things which makes me realise that he is growing big.
A neonate,a God's creation, cuddled , unkown of anything , crying just for food, growing up gradually with mischief crawling, walking and smile,transforms so quickly to a boy ,eating, reading and playing all by himself developing his creativity ....
He surely makes me feel proud !!!

wake up !!!

Many a times unexpectedly my son says few things which makes me realise that he is growing big. But when will our politicians and our citizens grow their social and interpersonal skills remains a question in itself. I want to raise a question to those who stick to the newspaper every now and then, that do you really get some ways and means where you can develop your country or you are just reading the articles to chit chat with your friends and collegues and post blogs on page 3?
Few days back, I heard that if we need to accept the citizenship of another country , we need to fight in favor for that country all the time. People who were eager to change there status or citizenship, started discussing on how can they fight against their original country? Now i ask them, where were you when your country was really needing you? wake up lazy bums !!! reading articles and staying glued to the screen will never help in progress. Take steps and rebuilt the democracy of our country.

Jai Bharat !

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I really miss you.
I have other friends whom I can talk to but it's not the same.
You have such a deep understanding of who I am,I hardly have to speak any words and you know just what I am saying.
I really miss you and I want to be sure that you know that no matter where I go, what I do or whom I meet ,I' ll never find as deep a friendship with anyone as I have with YOU

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

a sidewalk .....

the walk from my house to my son's school is a very familiar road for me now. with some faces waving at me everyday, such as the Les Schwab tire shop guys, the garage guys, the ladies @ da bus stop,the Sardar Uncle,the kabob store chef, the terrific and horrifying Martin hair supply store(i call it terrific and horrifying because it is filled with human faces with strange wigs,that had scared me the first time i entered the Salon and promised never to enter any American Salon alone) and the deserted Indian Cinema Theater. But few faces had vanished after their job were done, like the KFC/A&W builders. they were my daily faces few months back. we used to trouble each other ;they used to block my way almost everyday and say Sorry and i used to roll the stroller on the hose pipes almost every time i crossed them. they used to waive at me in case the road was blocked and let me know how many days it would continue..."sorry lady, just another 15 days". I used to walk without noticing that there was a person underground and realized only after he shouted"ma'am i 'm here".
U must be wondering why am i telling you all this...
but the best part of it happened today. During my walk , a man from a parked car shouted aloud ,"hello Lady, Good Morning, Good Morning".
I wondered who can that be shouting so loud and turned around. It was the KFC/A&W builder. With my usual broad smile i wished him back and continued my way. Back of my mind I was thinking , in a place like US, where I am just a visitor, there are people who remember me.

it made me happy.

Friday, August 14, 2009

It's not that I did'nt get any new thought for my blog, but trying to know more about my health orders and searchng them online..
So will take time to come back with new posts.

Monday, August 3, 2009

in silent pain ....

yes,I am silent today.... don't know what to speak,don't know whom to speak to and i don't even know why i am writing today. May be just because this has become a habit, I am scribbling it down.
Today, I am confused looking at the stars.
I know the path is open and I even know which one is correct but still, I feel there is a long dark tunnel to pass through. I cant see the end of it. Or may be I don't want to see it. The end visuals are scaring me. They say it's a bad phase and I'll overcome it only if I let it go. But is it possible?

God,help me !!! and this time please don't keep me waiting ... something and someone really needs you.


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I too wish for a Dandelion fluff :)

They say if you catch it,you can blow your wish and it might come true.
I may sound funny but i am not a silly billy.....
I enjoy such moments with my growing son. Few days back he wanted to tell me something. With his broken hints he was pointing at the star, The Little Star, asking me to repeat after him,I wish ,I wish .... and said ,"Mommy,I wish,I wish you to be my baby." So touchy a thought. Then i made my wish."I wish ,I wish that you remain my baby all the time."He was sad ,a bit mad rather, replying "i am a boy now." Growing up !!!
Yesterday, while our way back home he was trying to catch something. On asking what he was doing,he said,"Mom ,I am trying to catch the Dandelion so that I can blow her my wishes.I can ask her for chocolates,pizzas,race cars and a skate board." Interesting!!! Tiny mind building great thoughts.
What if we could get such flowers to fulfill our wishes. I know we will overflow our wants stating them as our wishes, but still wishes are to be made.And if such wishes come true,let me make one...
I wish, I wish ............... Oh wait ! let me look at the little star or catch a dandelion first .

Thursday, July 23, 2009

this is what i have gained or earned so far...

I have been introduced to so many types of people, out of which , I have become a part to some. They say they like me, some say they enjoy my company, some want to be with me because they like my smile ,some say they like the sparkle of my eye.
Gradually they start opening up a book before me. I dont mean any novel, they open pages of their life. They share their happiest, funniest moments. Within few days of sharing they become more comfortable sharing their difficult times;times where they felt being left out, lonely. Some are there who just start off with their emotional pages and say ..."i dont know why i felt like sharing it with you. may be i find a friend in you." This usually happens when i meet a stranger. Well my friends were obviously strangers to me before introduced. It scraes me at times thinking ,if i am just a lending ear, how can i solve their puzzles.
With passing days I beacome a part of their life, I am introdiced to members of their families. I start fighting for their rights. I start fighting for freedom and see to it that they are free birds under the roof. At times even I have felt I am just a pillar for them. They come, stand besides me, scold or share whatever comes to their mind, they cry out their heart, thinking they have shaken me and solved ther jigsaws.
& Thus, this is how I mingle and joggle and then finally earn a smile on their face ...

To explain how this chart works with my life, I have used Electrolysis as a metaphor to Life. Elctrolysis means the passing of electric current through an electrolyte or the destruction of the root by an electric current. If i speak of life in such language i behave as the electrolyte ,the medium in which the flow of current (the way i introduce the do's n don'ts)is accompanied by the movement of matter(how well i make the members understand). Which means the diffusion media is mingling with the friend and the family.Membrane is the issue raised or the task i have taken .My ability to stand as a support for the needy is the catalyst. Thus, I am the electrolyte for their lives. :) head is runng faster i believe ..

Well when I wish a good night to thyself, I feel satisfied and believe a job well done when they sleep well..

Amen !!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

a guilt feel !!!

Its for the first time that i searched for my bagpack and could'nt find the most needed thing.
My friend was thirsty and I forgot to carry my water can today.
This is for the very first time ever that I looked in and looked out helpless. I had a juice packet but she knew it was for my son...even though she was thirsty ,she could'nt accept my offer. Starting from my teenage I used to carry atleast some snacks, few chocolates, a juice pack, water can ,my first aid kit and my make-up kit :). But somehow with changing habits few things got shortlisted and I remodeled my bagpack. Make-up kit was cut down to just a comb and some rubber bands. first-aid pack with just a neo-spray, chocolates to M&Ms. Juice and water can became an everyday must. My friends wonder how soon I transfer stuffs from one bag to another because I change my bags very frequently.
But today I was in a hurry. I forgot to check my bag before leaving home. Everyday before having water I used to offer my friend first. But today when she needed it, I was helpless. Did'nt carry my wallet to buy a water can . I made a promise to myself.... Soma is back with her bagpack. Hoping not to face such situation again.

Amen !!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009


A powerful way to express ones feelings lies in a simple cut ,copy and paste work.
I tried one last night... take a look ....

hope you appreciate :)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Secret

*If you are complaining,the law of attraction will powerfully bring into your life more situations for you to complain about. If you are listening to someone else complain an focussing on that, sympathizing with them,agreeing with them,in tht moment, you are attracting more situations to yourself to complain about.
*your life is in your hands. No matter where you are now,no matter what has happened in your life,you can begin to conciously choose your thoughts,and you can change your life. there is no such thing as a hopeless situation.Every single circumstance of your life can change!
*It is impossible to feel good and at the same time be having negetive thoughts.If u r feeling gud,it is because u r thinkng gud thghts.You see,you can have whatever u want in ur life,no limits.But there is one catch:You have to feel good.And whn u thnk about it,isn't that all u ever want? the law is indeed perfect.
*everything we think and feel is creating our future.If u r worried or in fear,then u r bringing more of that into ur life throughout the day.
*as u focus intensely on ur feelings,with the intention to lift urself,u can powerfully elevate them.One way is to "close ur eyes(shutting out distractions),focus on ur feelings inside,and smile for one minute."
*ur thoughts and ur feelings create ur will always be that wa.Guaranteed!
and now for the best part from till i have covered....
*when u r feeling down,think of somebody that you truly love,and dwell on it.Really keep that thought in mind.Block everythng out but tht thought. I guarantee You'll start to feel good. - Bob Proctor .
will reveal da secret of my thought process after complition of the book. right now i m just jotting down lines which i feel has some similarity with my thought process.

(if u r impatient till i finish the book, check this link )

Friday, June 19, 2009

if you are doing it... Think AGAIN .

A section of the local nespaper says, "LOVEHATE", where people can place things or views they love or hate. In the hate section someone had put up.......
.....i hate waiting in line to place an order in a crowded selfservice cafe,when a couple or a group join the end of the line and send someone of their number to grab and hold a table for them. Do they think that people who were there first should just stand with their trays or sit on the floor when their food arrives because the tables are all taken by people who have not yet even ordered? A cafe in San Francisco has a sign that says"wait until you have placed your order before being seated." seems like common courtesy, but a lot of people don't seem to get it.

I was silent for a while after i read it because knowingly unknowingly i have done this mistake sometime. Friends, if you have done it earlier,never mind. You have a second chance to correct yourself.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

does my name justify my being?

Parents named me something, my grandfather showed me its meaning. A friend got a twist in it. And now........

watched the movie...
The Secret of Moonacre... in which a teenager ,named Maria, discovers the weight of her responsibility: she has been anointed the last Moon Princess of the valley.
It reminded me of a name ...given by someone who was with me for a very few days but holds a special place.
People always blamed him but admired him for his indepth knowledge.
While he was counting his last breathe, he posed a different look in me.
Gave me a very different name, which i never ever knew why he called me so.
I related the views someone had mentioned after watching this movie to His.
As per the name he gave meant "light, holy".
its still a mystery, why he named me so. but whnever he was drunk he said," i would call you S******* , that name suits you."
May be peoples' judgement is true,"we speak the truth, when we are drunk."
He passed away, but left this image for me.

don't know how far he was true? or he is true?

God be with me in whatever i do, whatever i see and whatever i speak.
U R The Almighty.

Amen !!!

* do post ur coments if u feel like ......

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Always heard, Never believed

Many a times people ask to meditate, to listen to the vibration created by Om and acquire mental peace.
i had made it a point that i listen to these soothing vibrations and continued doing it.
i don't know how far i have succeeded , because i don't know where it has really helped me. But yes, the days i ignored, they went tougher than the toughest.

Well experimenting with something new from now on.
hope i succeed..

i am starting from a new book, a new chapter ,Sunderkand from Ramayan.

PS : dont think i am sick, its just individual belief .

Amen !!!
30 mints spent every early morning can never go waste. so whats the harm making it 40 mints.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Give and Take

every relation demands a give and take situation
if u give 100% to ur relation u deserve 100%. but b4 expecting u shud know how much u have given. keep ur expectation limited to it.
a husband says i am doing everything for you. i finance you, i take you for an outing, we eat outside, i buy you gifts , i satisfy you, what else do u need?
as a wife she says i cook for you, i take care of our baby, i manage our house ,i am always there to meet your physiological frills , what else do u expect?
Is this what a relationship is? here we are just performing our tasks. But relationship does'nt stand on doing duties.
Its a bond. A bond where we have tied ourselves.
Where two souls meet and eventually become One.
A wife says, my husband is very good, he does everything he shud but still there is a space between us.
A husband says," i am tired after my job schedule today". God damn! then u sit at home and let the wife earn. live with how much she earns. let her play your role for sometime.
With all the days work, she expects her husband to come back home, sit for a while with her, ask her what she did the entire day, whether she is happy or not, caress her for sometime, give her a tight hug or a light kiss on the forehead. No Nothing... he just forgets all this the moment he enters home. how many times have you surprised your wife with a rose or keeping it more simpler with an unexpected Hug or a Kiss.
She is thinkng of you the entire evening, what will u prefer for dinner, what shall i make which will satisfy his hunger there by please him. a happy meal after all reduces most of your stressess.
Mr Boss , this is where you lack. U become a husband but u can never become a friend to your wife. a space develops, where she needs some outer being to free her mind.
after few years she feels going back to her parents for that love. she misses that importance she was once given by them.
my dear,
Marriage is a sacrament and not a contract, "a rite in which God is uniquely active." its a wedlock where
both Boy and Girl see God in eachother . when a gal bows before a boy , she bends to the extent that she gives herself to you.
whn a boy bends , he is expected to feel the same. He should devote himself to his wife.
Marriage should create a kinship ,descent mating and not become a burden. its a beautiful relationship . its a bliss ... so let it remain as such.
when u celebrate your aniversary u should feel proud that you are still with the Bliss , and not bored up wit your relation.

i did'nt mean to derogate ... no differences between husband and wife... it stands for both.
U deserve from ur husband when u give him the deserved. and vis-a-vis.

good luck

Amen !!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

that extra 5 minutes ?

its always needed...but ended with unspoken words
neither can i cry nor give the smile then deserved.
i feel like telling everything i had thought of in those few minutes
but speechless i stand with the crowd till she exits.....

she asks for an explanation..what will happen in that 5 minutes
i say i don't know ... may be i simply cant resist
resist to what if I ask... i have no answer
the beast within says, its the pleasure.

i feel she wanted it today..but kept it unrevealed
living like the nonliving ... my breathes were steeled
now may be she can understand
i was never wrong when i claimed for those extra 5 minutes.

i guess thts what every girl feels, standing at the threshold of her new house, waiving at her parents.
the most difficult time ever.

Friday, May 1, 2009


shake myself
shake my body
to a tune i tap my feet

express my feelings
judge ur readings
to a music i increase my speed

call u to the floor
make you do the chore
to a step i hold my breathe

shiver to the music
tremble to the basic
to a move where i look sexy

dance n dance
neck to belly
to the extend i make u crazy

thats how i am
so passionate ...
when it comes to music
i keep u my asset

Friday, April 17, 2009

i seriously dont like you :(

u always try to take a place on my face.
never hesitate, even though u know that i hate
u sprung rarely but disturb me entirely
i keep poking u,
scratching my face...u give me a pain
how mean of u ???

dont u find some other place....
cuz u know how much i care for my face...
people say your arrival means a passion time...
but Mom scares me that its the worse time
So dare if you come again...
even though u have taken a place now..
but please never show me ur face again...

I hate you Pimple .

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

soothing music

We always end up listening to some filmy songs when we are happy or mostly when we feel low. And we listen to songs suiting our situation forgetting that those songs will keep us in that state wont let us go out of it.
i have my own list of musics for this... and it really works (specially when i feel lonely or low)

But first of all, can you take some time out remembering or asking yourselves how many times you have heared these musics and do you remember them.. well you have heared them many a times but never thought to remember in da sequel but be it any filmy song you ll mug it the next moment. My dear they are'nt your life... Listen to one of these links... they will make your day.

I have made it my habit . I am not asking you to make it your habit but atleast you can freshen up ... There's no harm in trying.
and if you are seriously trying , dont forget to let me know.

these two are enough for the beginners :)

GOD is there ... Trust HIM

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

life is so simple.... it turns u whenever it wants :)

u always complain that i divert a thing...
have u ever realised how you divert my being..
u keep me waiting , always wanting..
giving no chance to ask... no chance to repent.

i dont know why i still love you so much...
to the extent that u call me irresistible...
but i still long to be ur piece of munch..
even though i am not there to make it edible.

God has never been with me when i have asked on you..
but with no regrets i say its always You.

God u r always with me :)

how strongly ,
how closely ,
u hold me once...
no space for the air to pass..

so cozy,
so touchy,
just like a bugga bugga baby.

you touch me here n there,
you caress me every where.
a touch so agile.... a kiss so fragile...
this is how you care ...
in a moment that is rare ...

behold me when i am tired,
just to rest on your shoulder when 'ts required.
can we be in a bond which is virtual,
but still live a life of the usual?
this was once asked by u..
(now i ask )
can we still be sticked with that glue?

we are never the usual birds
spreading out their love notes,
we have always kept it a secret
yelling nothing but the donts...

let there be no spell from a witch
on your this little bitch
who still longs and waits for that...............
Strong, Close, Hold of yours...

Amen !!!

The Weather @ my place (SFo)

This is how U were today ....

dont take me as your whey...
u r making me go away...
(ouchy.... it hurts....)

the way u embraced me
'twas cozy but smooth ...
the moment I took a breath..
it seemed u were pushng me...
(just to keep me close)

i was loosing my balance..
when u whipped off those leaves
shiverring , shaking , just to get a feeling
U wanted me to be walking..

the clanging noise,
the pushing cart.....
when they moved on their own..
i giggled to my heart

u made me happy..
U were the Windy Wind...
stay close to me like that...
for i dont feel apart :)

Nothing will Change , Nothing can Change !! Puchu, You may have grown taller, but you will always fit into my lap You may step into Da...