Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I too wish for a Dandelion fluff :)

They say if you catch it,you can blow your wish and it might come true.
I may sound funny but i am not a silly billy.....
I enjoy such moments with my growing son. Few days back he wanted to tell me something. With his broken hints he was pointing at the star, The Little Star, asking me to repeat after him,I wish ,I wish .... and said ,"Mommy,I wish,I wish you to be my baby." So touchy a thought. Then i made my wish."I wish ,I wish that you remain my baby all the time."He was sad ,a bit mad rather, replying "i am a boy now." Growing up !!!
Yesterday, while our way back home he was trying to catch something. On asking what he was doing,he said,"Mom ,I am trying to catch the Dandelion so that I can blow her my wishes.I can ask her for chocolates,pizzas,race cars and a skate board." Interesting!!! Tiny mind building great thoughts.
What if we could get such flowers to fulfill our wishes. I know we will overflow our wants stating them as our wishes, but still wishes are to be made.And if such wishes come true,let me make one...
I wish, I wish ............... Oh wait ! let me look at the little star or catch a dandelion first .

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