Wednesday, June 29, 2011

3 times n 30 minutes - very touching moments of my life.

When you get something which you had always longed for , is the most happiest moment of your life. And it becomes special when its unexpected. Something similar happened to me yesterday.

Because of the flu season, my kids were a little cranky for the past two days. As usual they needed more attention and some extra love n care. If I gave more time to the little one, big brother was hurt. So, I made it a point that whenever I was free from chores and little one sleeping, I dedicate time to Big Bro. That made him happy :)

With life similar to iph4 with too many apps , things are not so easy to workout and getting a chance I just lie down . But yesterday, when I wanted to take a power nap, my little one woke up. He cudn't have a proper sleep because of irritation due to cold. He seemed to be cranky again. But then was the moment !!!
He woke up with full sleepy eyes and turned towards me. Gave a very sweet smile and patted thrice on my cheeks and went to sleep holding my ear, posting the smile on his face. 'twas as if he knew Mom is tired and needed some care. Ahh !!! Dil mange more....some more patting please :)
Yes, I deserved it and I got it from my boy. My sonny boy was not sleepy. and wanted a story time on bed. After all the story telling, he hugged me and then started petting me. He placed his hands on my cheeks making a V at the chin and looked at me for sometime. Then started patting me on my head for almost 20-25 mints. Hugging me, smiling holding me then again patting, combing my hair with his tiny fingers ! Awwww !!! wasn't that a very special moment for me ?
Initially, I had thought of sitting before the system once he fell asleep but this special care made me very sleepy. So, instead just slept with my boys.
I got all the pampered love I always demanded or longed for from my two little ones.
God Bless my kids... they make my life so simple !!!

Motherhood is such a Blessing :) specially with kids like Punu n Inu :)

ps: I Love You
Mommy :)

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