Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A black out @ my place

Can you believe, there was a black out at my place today. For near about five minutes there was a power failure at home, no street signals working . But the best part was.... when I had canceled my driving test today.. Hurray !!! b'cuz I swear I could have never driven on such a rainy street with no signals except relying on self judgement of Stop n Go and that too on the streets of California.
Thanx to his black tongue....

Unwind or Wind up !!!

We wind up or unwind our past ,there is always something which never changes in our life. Even if time changes but that person or feeling or thing remains unchanged for us. Something similar is our childhood. We can never forget or change it. But yes,it is always reminded or thought of. Be we with a person talking about our childhood or looking at some videos and getting reminded of the same,we never stop ourselves from sharing it. When my son does something which he feels is an achievement for him, even though it carries no sense but makes it sensible when i realise that it is created by a 4 years old brain.
This is exactly the way we had ones felt when we were with that special person when he/she was feeling special of certain things we did.
I don't remember if I had taken a close look at a snail but a tiny brain knows that the snail can be brought home, kept in a glass jar with some mud, grass and water. This was his Snail Project... do you remember what you did when you were at his stage?
At the end of my hectic day, when i lie down with him to recall our days work, he reminds me of things that I had never thought or worked upon. This really give peace after a busy day.
God Bless Him and Be With Him All The Time.

few words which he never forgets..........
"O God, I thank you for all that you have given me, and please take care of all those who love me."
And if I ask him, what about those who don't love you, can you guess what he answers?
Mommy,"I am mad at them as they don't love me, so nothing for them."

Friday, October 2, 2009

surprised with the unexpected !!!


I opened my mail box to find this picture, the picture of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. I did'nt know whether I was really surprised or happy. Well I was both. In a country like USA, I really feel honoured to see our Father of The Nation's birthday update in a page like Google. My special thanx to google. When every citizen and specially the era of this generation logs to ther screen,they will see Bapu's pic and will definitely seacrh who Mr Gandhi is. And this is how they will know, how important, how preciuos he is for India.

Proud to be an Indian.

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