Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sensing from Within ....

It's so precious when I feel you twirling inside,
sensing him somewhere deep inside....
It so happens when I think of you,
He rotates himself , responding He knows you.
At times of dullness, the kicks are gone
but sudden twists make me feel the fawn.
Troubling me when near and
longing for you when you are far
that's just the way he changes his sway.
As made a promise,
I will make your heart walk along my way.
When the cry blooms,
It will be you arriving from my womb......


Sunday, September 26, 2010

Back in the Spirit !

Play it again !!! Yes, play it again !!!
It feels so great to be back with the same spirit, I had few days, few months or even few years ago. Taking up challenges and hitting towards my goal was part of my activity and today I am back with the same enthusiasm. With changing friends, somewhere I had lost track of my own interests. Whenever I was bugged up, I Shopped ! But , that was never my so keen an interest.
People who have always guided me and made me realise who I am, meant everything to me.
And now, one of them did it again. And , that is the reason why she is my Best Friend !!!
Even though we are apart , hooked up with our daily schedules, thanks to our jabbering habit which keeps us going.
Make this your life's note: If you have someone who guides and thinks of you , in making you what you deserve, never ignore them. They are your true Treasures .

God Bless !!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Beauty n Bliss

Life has become so beautiful these days with many colorful changes in and around. Things are getting well settled and everyone seems to be happy in their own world.
So am I !!!
With a new phase of Bliss,I have taken up another challenge in me. Stepping delicately , I wake up each morning with a new beginning. Smiling with the little moves , tackling the growing brain , loving the precious moments with my beloved ones.
This is me, Smiling @ every angle !!!

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