Monday, August 31, 2009

A Classic Piece :)

When I see a master piece, my first impression goes on having it. If at any cost that is not possible I search around for the store book to leave a note. And I scribble down the whole sheet.
I remember the very first time I had ben to any big store where I could spend was The Shopper's Stop @ Delhi and I had picked up a Lakme 123, the first brand on my self.But I was so glazed at the store I immediately searched for the storebook and scribbled my first impression note. I dont know whether they do it for everyone or just me ,but a guy with a black coat came and read it therby thanking me with a generous smile.
U must be wondering why suddenly I thought of a masterpiece. I was trying to visualize some images last night and the moment I woke up I saw some classic images on my screen. Could'nt stop myself from comenting on them. I rarely get that chance and can never stop myself to grab it.
Be it a painting, a showcase or a person, if it is worth appreciating then do it...dont think much; that is what I believe.

'njoy !!!

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