Sunday, December 26, 2010

Speechless I stood ....

With all the cling clangs of Merry Christmas, I never expected a big band of choir fooling me, making me stand still, pulsating ,trying to camouflage myself.
When it was time to wish each other and ask for the day's plan, a friend called up and mentioned she was going to encourage a friend over lunch. One said, she had to make something special for her husband, and last but not the least had to spend her day at the church. The eldest of the gang had just returned from India, which made it obvious that she should be taking rest, getting herself out of the jet lag. So all were busy with something or the other. Day passed and I was so cozily sitting with my PJ's on, enjoying my plate of evening snacks with my family, when suddenly the door-bell rang and 'twas a friend asking for a small help. Few minutes later there was another bell, one more friend , just came in to show her new saree. But the third time the bell rang, I heard some children outside & they were my son's friends. I was still cozy enough to get them in, when there was a huge , a real huge SURPRISE from my friends. They were standing at my door with cameras ready to click my action/reaction, all set to shower their blessings on me. Yeah ! U got it correct, they surprised me with the Baby Shower plan. No wonder, my husband was so deeply involved in the whole process that without a slight of hint he set the whole house, finished all the chores and quietly sat with me, munching! He always bugged me saying he is very good actor and I used to ask him to shut that thought of his in some deep corner. But he just proved himself. I'm yet to accept that he could so thoughtfully and secretly manage this party get going. This is not enough! The worst ever part was that I was present in all the prior discussions made as it was going to be a planned Shower. My friends got me deeply involved ,asking me to choose a date , decide on the menu and select my wear for the occasion and what not. It was decided to be on new yr...yes , on 1st of Jan. 2011. I trusted them so much that it never ever clued me, they might seek all my wishes and goof me. That was just what happened. They noted everything I said, made things accordingly but shocked me with their own date. OMG !!! It took almost the whole evening to get my palpitation back to normal.
You know, at times you should not trust your friends. May be then only you can realise how special they are. Family for a life time and friends who will always stay close to my heart.
Indeed a Merry Christmas and A wonderful way to Shower Blessings on me and my little one in.
Very soon my elder one will be joining his group of big brothers.
They made me feel really really special and I enjoyed every single second of this special evening.

God Bless My this Little rather Big FAMILY No. 3 ... :)

ps: i loved the stunning gift from my friends - a tiny tiara :)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Few more days for a new life

With few days left for a new beginning, a bit of nervousness, a smell of anxiety and a handful of thoughts, still make each day to pass with difficulty. Before my Doc sets a date,people have already started voting for their own dates. Some want the baby on my birthday,some on 28th, and strangely many on 15th ,me on 11th or 22nd and so on. Can't imagine stepping into the same shoes which I had left five years back..................
Something really funny, there is an ad showing kindergartners saying where a baby comes from. The kids say," a baby comes from mmmmmmmmmm somewhere", "a baby comes from special hugs","a baby comes from God" and all of a sudden, Gaurav speaks,"no, babies only come from Mommy's tummy, like my baby brother/sister will come." :)
So very special are these little ones ....
Well, so far so good... from 40 weeks to less than 40 days :)

God be in my head and in my understanding,
God be in my eyes and in my looking,
God be in my mouth and in my speaking,
God be in my heart and in my thinking,
God be at my end and in my departing.

and lastly
O God, I thank you for all that you have and you are giving me.
Please take care of all those who love me....
:x ps

Monday, November 1, 2010

Caffeine/Chocolate - a no, no

It is mentioned in various articles that a carrying mom can consume up to 200mgs of Caffeine a day. Or, if she is chocoholic then a few won't be any harm. But, presently I realised, the days I drink a cup of coffee or I eat couple of chocolates,say 3-4, the movement of my baby reduces and so reduces my sleep. Yesterday was Halloween and I consumed enough chocos because I could'nt control my temptation towards few liked ones. Then I had to compulsorily sit down with my kick count sheet and start counting how many times my baby moved or kicked(in general term). Never took it so seriously !!!
Its time for me to say a strict No to coffee and a no,no to chocolates untill Jan :)
A tip to newly expecting mommies - eat as much chocolate you want during 2nd trimester , forget the 1st and 3rd .

God Bless Us All

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Taste Swings

My taste bud has been different these days. Just like a mood swing,I get a taste swing very often. At some point of time,I feel like craving a huge piece of cake but sometimes even a spoon turns me off. Spice comes and goes the similar way. But it was horrible today !!!
I had to undergo a gestational diabetes test today morning for which I had to fast prior 1 hr and then the nurse gave me a drink to finish in a gulp. It was a 20 ounce Glucose based Orange juice.
I was surrounded with different patients and as a basic instinct everyone was glaring at me . I took the first sip ,as to taste it............ I looked at my husband and all others looked shocking at me !!! I couldn't gulp that very 1st sip even. 'twas so sweeeeeeeeeeeeet , so sweet , tasted just like a sugar syrup with sugar amount tripled. I had to finish it in one gulp ...crazy !!!
Chilled and sugary !
My test was after 1 hr of the drink intake and that was worse as the taste hardly changed from my mouth. Worse even was, not even was I allowed to intake water after that drink :(
In India, we don't have to go for this test but here you can't escape.
Hope my result shows I m not diabetic(as part of pregnancy) else, I have to undergo this test for 3 hrs and just imagine 3 bottles of the same juice .
Lucky enough it was Orange juice... think if it wasstrawberry or peach or something else.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

sharing my experience .....

Ohh !!!
finally gone are the green at gill days .....
time for some cheer up , lill more action and lots of fun .....
Humming lullabies, swinging to music and a little bit of work out seems to enlighten me.
Things are definitely taking turns ,specially middle of the night ,when there is a sudden pluuuuumm in the tummy .
It sure is a new experience with Gaurav on one side and the lil one inside. His queries , his anxiety , his curiosity makes me forget the rest of the world . Rubbing my belly, hugging me, specially when I am tired or low and saying,"now this goes for my baby ", when I stop him, has given him the place of gehlufying me whenever n however i needed. :)
My this little one is growing up !
And I am sure at Bliss !!!

God Bless My Babies :)
Amen !!!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sensing from Within ....

It's so precious when I feel you twirling inside,
sensing him somewhere deep inside....
It so happens when I think of you,
He rotates himself , responding He knows you.
At times of dullness, the kicks are gone
but sudden twists make me feel the fawn.
Troubling me when near and
longing for you when you are far
that's just the way he changes his sway.
As made a promise,
I will make your heart walk along my way.
When the cry blooms,
It will be you arriving from my womb......


Sunday, September 26, 2010

Back in the Spirit !

Play it again !!! Yes, play it again !!!
It feels so great to be back with the same spirit, I had few days, few months or even few years ago. Taking up challenges and hitting towards my goal was part of my activity and today I am back with the same enthusiasm. With changing friends, somewhere I had lost track of my own interests. Whenever I was bugged up, I Shopped ! But , that was never my so keen an interest.
People who have always guided me and made me realise who I am, meant everything to me.
And now, one of them did it again. And , that is the reason why she is my Best Friend !!!
Even though we are apart , hooked up with our daily schedules, thanks to our jabbering habit which keeps us going.
Make this your life's note: If you have someone who guides and thinks of you , in making you what you deserve, never ignore them. They are your true Treasures .

God Bless !!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Beauty n Bliss

Life has become so beautiful these days with many colorful changes in and around. Things are getting well settled and everyone seems to be happy in their own world.
So am I !!!
With a new phase of Bliss,I have taken up another challenge in me. Stepping delicately , I wake up each morning with a new beginning. Smiling with the little moves , tackling the growing brain , loving the precious moments with my beloved ones.
This is me, Smiling @ every angle !!!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

It's been so many days I visited my blog.
Life is playing so much pranks on me, I am getting twisted in the knots. But, without posing any complains on how my days are passing,I am trying to end my day with a smile thinking of those who deserve it. Who do not deserve my tired or annoyed face. So many things in the pipeline and clearing them one by one is making my days tougher but is making me stronger at the same time. The dream to drive on the streets of California came true but then I realised , I am missing the fun with a little friend ,just 2.5 yrs and calling me Shoma ,crying before her parents to talk to me over phone when she is upset or forcing them to get her to my house when she is on a time out :),when we carpooled. I am sad because I stopped my daily walk, but I am getting some extra time to spend with my son without being tired. Driving him for his activity classes is keeping me busy but I am enjoying when I see a broad smile on his face and waving from within the classes.
My body does'nt permit me to strain myself with exercises or walks but they have become a part of my daily schedule with all the extra works I have taken up.
Well this is life, as its passes, days become tougher.
Happy with how its dragging me....

If not what I am, atleast I end up being Domnique :)
This keeps me going !!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Don't complain ... Say it Proudly !!!

I know females are going to sprang on me and pour on me some dreadly views but something just struck me when I was almost out of my siesta... Why do we always use the quote,"All men are same" when we feel like scolding or opposing a male? Have we ever thought of it before saying it? I guess no. We just follow what others have already spoken. We heard someone say so and we speake it out when and where we felt it right. i am not trying to support the negetivity in this statement .I am just trying to bring out the possitiveness behind such hard words. What makes us speak this? We say it when we are hurt, when we here someone say,"he forgot to give roses on valentine's day", or when he forgot my birthday after so many years of togetherness or when we here a bachelor turning to a beautiful girl who passes by. Strange !!!
Now comes my logic on it. All men are really same. You know why ? Because they find very few girls same. Men proudly mention our mother,sister,daughter,friend to be the best, which makes them few. Just one or two in a family being special. So in a world of 58% being male and just 42% of female (an approximate),the gents still find less ladies to be looked upon. Then why say such statement and feel inferior rather than trying to be in that small place and increasing our count. So relax... whenever you feel like saying"all men are same" be thankful that you are in that special place.

I know this is something funny that I have raised but debating is acceptable on the topic.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A piece of Art

The passion, the bond, the synchronisation, the element of love,the indepth feeling, all together in a A piece of classic has taken a place in me.
No wonder, there can't be a better way to express our feelings other than showing it in movements.

Actions Do Speak !!!

and now do not miss the original one

Friday, February 19, 2010

Jab mind ho out of control !!!

2:25 am .
I know it's very late and I should be asleep by this time but sleepless are my days.
Specially today!
I can't say it anxiety, I can't name it curiosity. Rather I am constantly saying it to myself,"Jab mind ho out of control,say all is well."
Coping with the California(or USA) system , my days have become restless recently.
Things I never thought of thinking have become my big reason of worry. Even though I know I have nothing to worry about,my impatient attitude is making me nervous.And moreover when I know this is just a phase of life which will pass gradually, or this is the beginning of a new phase, I am totally unable to accept it. I just cannot take it for granted that certain things of life come in unexpected packages. My head is really heavy, and is sounding just like the pounding of my heart.Every alternate second I feel something murmuring near my ear. And worst of all ,all this is taking away my sleep :).... seems like "Sleepless in California."
Two things which I am following now, when few things are hard to share ,specially whats going on with and in me :

"Do kadam ka yeh safar hai,
umrr choti si dagar hai,
ik kadam main ladh khadaya kyun ?"

and keeping in mind,before my eyes, faces of people who have just loved me.

I Love You Too :)

God Bless

Thursday, February 4, 2010

A glitter on my face

Smiling and giggling
i walk down the streets
unnoticed i keep my smile
which shows the glitter on my eyes

i know its time for love making
but blushing to walk with him
as if we were the new birds
chirpping the charming notes
embarassing though it feels
showing glitters on my cheeks

gems from the pink shell
peeping out now and then
removing hair from my face
to make it a clear view
i still woo
when glitters i dont know for who

i know its he...
cuz no one can take his place
but when it comes to show
i just show the glow
he knows and understands what i feel
but speechless he stands
when words want a reveal

few days to go......
no cards no gifts can speak out the truth
but expressions still yell the truth
its time to wish eachother the honesty within
yes, He is the Valentine my heart will always win !!!

I know its been seven years but still how can i stop wishing him...
Happy Valentine's day Ji :)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Stone Unturned .....

When feelings remain unexpressed
Pearls do roll out of the Shell
Even though she is an Angel

A human at his conscience
is bound without any compliance
though unrestricted she stands
she knows she is just like that chime
with tinkles forgotten by the wands

I wonder why things get lingered
when I am sure it isn't be clingered
with just a foot step
and a little work with triggers
a thing much awaited
Can be at my fingers

O Lord,
I know the winner stands alone .. but
I ask nothing but just a chance
for U to take a glance
How easily You are leaving her
To step upon the noisiest Stone ......

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Incredible a life !

she lives a life of solitude
which she thinks is gratitude
unuttered she spends her days
counting nothing but her pains....

people call her jubilant
they think she is exultant
indepth no one knows
how much she stays anonymous....

she loves to sacrifice
accepting it as solace
nothing but the truth
she longs for the bloom of youth...

people trust she is simple
but unaware they are of her wimple
inaudible remains the roars inside
smiling at anyone who stands beside.....

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Marriage !!!

Marriage, in a brief tone,sounds something like the "Assumption based upon the presupposition without preponderance of the facts." Isn't that a heavy explanation!
Since,its the time for several bonds coming up,it struck to me,why not share a few words.You must be wondering why I related Marriage to Assumption. In real life,when we fall in love ,before tying ourselves into the spiritual bondage,we tend to know each others likes and dislikes.We spend so much time together over phone,or chatting or dating that knowing either of the values and interests becomes easy. But once,we get into this wedlock,and then fall in love, we always try to analyse things by ourselves.
Even though we disliked subjects like,Permutation,Combination and Assumptions, during our school days,after marriage,every now and then,we are supposed to interpret our better halves thought processes;such as,what shall I do to put a smile on her face today,what shall I prepare to keep the hungry mind satisfied,what platter should solve the purpose.We start rationalising things on our own.We simply forget what our interests are. We keep on nurturing what our partner wants.
Thus, with the combination of various factors of life like,social,environmental,physiological,etc,we permute our adjustments ,assuming that we live a healthy loving life.
God be with all the rational fools who keep their brains actively busy with others' interests in spite of hearing to their Hearts.

Dear All, Enjoy all che sera, sera !!!

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