Saturday, May 30, 2009

does my name justify my being?

Parents named me something, my grandfather showed me its meaning. A friend got a twist in it. And now........

watched the movie...
The Secret of Moonacre... in which a teenager ,named Maria, discovers the weight of her responsibility: she has been anointed the last Moon Princess of the valley.
It reminded me of a name ...given by someone who was with me for a very few days but holds a special place.
People always blamed him but admired him for his indepth knowledge.
While he was counting his last breathe, he posed a different look in me.
Gave me a very different name, which i never ever knew why he called me so.
I related the views someone had mentioned after watching this movie to His.
As per the name he gave meant "light, holy".
its still a mystery, why he named me so. but whnever he was drunk he said," i would call you S******* , that name suits you."
May be peoples' judgement is true,"we speak the truth, when we are drunk."
He passed away, but left this image for me.

don't know how far he was true? or he is true?

God be with me in whatever i do, whatever i see and whatever i speak.
U R The Almighty.

Amen !!!

* do post ur coments if u feel like ......

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Always heard, Never believed

Many a times people ask to meditate, to listen to the vibration created by Om and acquire mental peace.
i had made it a point that i listen to these soothing vibrations and continued doing it.
i don't know how far i have succeeded , because i don't know where it has really helped me. But yes, the days i ignored, they went tougher than the toughest.

Well experimenting with something new from now on.
hope i succeed..

i am starting from a new book, a new chapter ,Sunderkand from Ramayan.

PS : dont think i am sick, its just individual belief .

Amen !!!
30 mints spent every early morning can never go waste. so whats the harm making it 40 mints.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Give and Take

every relation demands a give and take situation
if u give 100% to ur relation u deserve 100%. but b4 expecting u shud know how much u have given. keep ur expectation limited to it.
a husband says i am doing everything for you. i finance you, i take you for an outing, we eat outside, i buy you gifts , i satisfy you, what else do u need?
as a wife she says i cook for you, i take care of our baby, i manage our house ,i am always there to meet your physiological frills , what else do u expect?
Is this what a relationship is? here we are just performing our tasks. But relationship does'nt stand on doing duties.
Its a bond. A bond where we have tied ourselves.
Where two souls meet and eventually become One.
A wife says, my husband is very good, he does everything he shud but still there is a space between us.
A husband says," i am tired after my job schedule today". God damn! then u sit at home and let the wife earn. live with how much she earns. let her play your role for sometime.
With all the days work, she expects her husband to come back home, sit for a while with her, ask her what she did the entire day, whether she is happy or not, caress her for sometime, give her a tight hug or a light kiss on the forehead. No Nothing... he just forgets all this the moment he enters home. how many times have you surprised your wife with a rose or keeping it more simpler with an unexpected Hug or a Kiss.
She is thinkng of you the entire evening, what will u prefer for dinner, what shall i make which will satisfy his hunger there by please him. a happy meal after all reduces most of your stressess.
Mr Boss , this is where you lack. U become a husband but u can never become a friend to your wife. a space develops, where she needs some outer being to free her mind.
after few years she feels going back to her parents for that love. she misses that importance she was once given by them.
my dear,
Marriage is a sacrament and not a contract, "a rite in which God is uniquely active." its a wedlock where
both Boy and Girl see God in eachother . when a gal bows before a boy , she bends to the extent that she gives herself to you.
whn a boy bends , he is expected to feel the same. He should devote himself to his wife.
Marriage should create a kinship ,descent mating and not become a burden. its a beautiful relationship . its a bliss ... so let it remain as such.
when u celebrate your aniversary u should feel proud that you are still with the Bliss , and not bored up wit your relation.

i did'nt mean to derogate ... no differences between husband and wife... it stands for both.
U deserve from ur husband when u give him the deserved. and vis-a-vis.

good luck

Amen !!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

that extra 5 minutes ?

its always needed...but ended with unspoken words
neither can i cry nor give the smile then deserved.
i feel like telling everything i had thought of in those few minutes
but speechless i stand with the crowd till she exits.....

she asks for an explanation..what will happen in that 5 minutes
i say i don't know ... may be i simply cant resist
resist to what if I ask... i have no answer
the beast within says, its the pleasure.

i feel she wanted it today..but kept it unrevealed
living like the nonliving ... my breathes were steeled
now may be she can understand
i was never wrong when i claimed for those extra 5 minutes.

i guess thts what every girl feels, standing at the threshold of her new house, waiving at her parents.
the most difficult time ever.

Friday, May 1, 2009


shake myself
shake my body
to a tune i tap my feet

express my feelings
judge ur readings
to a music i increase my speed

call u to the floor
make you do the chore
to a step i hold my breathe

shiver to the music
tremble to the basic
to a move where i look sexy

dance n dance
neck to belly
to the extend i make u crazy

thats how i am
so passionate ...
when it comes to music
i keep u my asset

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