Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Our Efforts are Reflected by our Performances !!!

Falling fast asleep with a smile on our face, we feel so relaxed that it clearly shows on our face. Long hours of effort, shopping, emailing, arranging and coordinating pulls my energy down but when I receive a round of applause and the cheers from my team, I am in all strength n form. My team is my Motive and my Motive becomes my Passion. To get them all together, I can spend all my time . We started small but now we are a performing Team. With boys included , our bonding and trust has increased. Yes, responsibility has also stepped up but every moment spent together, gets the show going.
Despite controversies, fight for rights and unnecessary stress, We are appreciated and invited and acknowledged by many. That is where people say," You deserve a bigger stage than this" and we get invitation for gala events.
As long as I am an integral part of this team, I will give my Best to Get My Team the Best !!!

God Bless !!!
ps : I am happy :)

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