Sunday, September 20, 2009

hard times when celebration is lonely

......with all tring tring of the calls and my echos on the
arrival of the baby from the womb, warming the arms of the numb,
He is the Yuvraj of the family.Gracius to the Almighty for his destiny.
Born on 20th Sept'09, Sunday , he takes the 34th position in the team.
Apart from all the happiness and blessings I can bestow on him, it hits really hard when i cant be at home in this special moment.
Being away from the family because of certain constraints can give terrible pains which can never be expressed by words but tears do roll down the cheeks.
Dont want to curse myself for being where i am today, because its my fate which has brought me here, but still i desperately want to be with everyone there .
I miss you all .

Lots of love to the proud parents , my bhaiya-bhabi , and their lil 1.

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  1. hey...amzing.....dont know why HE comes in the small steps.....congrats....moreover noticed a beautiful flow of thghts in ur articles.....way to go dear...actually could connect to the feeling...god bless



Sasu ghara ra chahal pahal re gunji uthi thila gote nua naa, Bohurani !! Daruthili tanku, hele sneha re poti dei thile mote, Pati kholen...