Friday, October 31, 2014

I am happy when I give time to myself... be it through Dance or Fitness or even Bi-cycling ... my new Addition to Life :)

When I say I am happy, it means I have a genuine reason to smile. Something has given me a cause to rejoice. No matter how valuable the subject is, but it surely has generated a degree of satisfaction and an opening to a broader view or a new wish. I have always preserved small happenings of my life which has given me a reason to live a lifetime. I never dream of high aspirations because i don't like the sign of dissatisfaction on my face. But yes, my wants, wishes or dreams might not be of any importance to many, but they are sensible to me because, I dream small and always pray towards achieving it. 
In this chaotic life, we often ignore things that we had ones thought of doing. We build a house, make our home, raise kids, project towards the well being of all, try to satisfy demands of family, corporate and what not.... But have we ever paused for a moment to think about what we had ones thought of doing ? Do we give ourselves a chance to ask what we want? Have we really given up on our interests or dreams? Why and What for ? 
Our duties always bind us with certain rules and regulations . Even if they allow us to go beyond our territories for some time, there is a certain constraint which pulls us behind. I try my best, to follow the path The Almighty has drawn for me but I still wake up with a hope that at least today I will give some time to shape or carve the inner smile I deserve. And I am glad I am able to do it.
I find some time to ride my bike,
into the woods I go for a hike.
Sixty minutes pass so soon
I feel its hardly time to noon.
As the wheels grin the road,
my dreams rotate in certain mode.
Things I had ones thought of.
Swirl around, letting sorrows go off !
Winds make tears roll down,
I feel my pains shed down.
Just like a little eel,
I stick to my dream wheel.
All that I had ones wished,
dream again with all the twists.
Randomly I choose my track,
Loving love that I never lack.
It gives me immense happiness,
When I fulfill my dreams with genuineness.
Either by force or by plead, 
I have always demanded my Wish !
Achieved it with all my risk;
Else I knew I would live bleed.
Dreaming with my open eyes,
even if You ask me why ?

ps: My love , My Dreams will never Die ... 
      Even if you ask Why? I will Smile with a Sigh :)
Amen !!!

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