Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Taste Swings

My taste bud has been different these days. Just like a mood swing,I get a taste swing very often. At some point of time,I feel like craving a huge piece of cake but sometimes even a spoon turns me off. Spice comes and goes the similar way. But it was horrible today !!!
I had to undergo a gestational diabetes test today morning for which I had to fast prior 1 hr and then the nurse gave me a drink to finish in a gulp. It was a 20 ounce Glucose based Orange juice.
I was surrounded with different patients and as a basic instinct everyone was glaring at me . I took the first sip ,as to taste it............ I looked at my husband and all others looked shocking at me !!! I couldn't gulp that very 1st sip even. 'twas so sweeeeeeeeeeeeet , so sweet , tasted just like a sugar syrup with sugar amount tripled. I had to finish it in one gulp ...crazy !!!
Chilled and sugary !
My test was after 1 hr of the drink intake and that was worse as the taste hardly changed from my mouth. Worse even was, not even was I allowed to intake water after that drink :(
In India, we don't have to go for this test but here you can't escape.
Hope my result shows I m not diabetic(as part of pregnancy) else, I have to undergo this test for 3 hrs and just imagine 3 bottles of the same juice .
Lucky enough it was Orange juice... think if it wasstrawberry or peach or something else.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

sharing my experience .....

Ohh !!!
finally gone are the green at gill days .....
time for some cheer up , lill more action and lots of fun .....
Humming lullabies, swinging to music and a little bit of work out seems to enlighten me.
Things are definitely taking turns ,specially middle of the night ,when there is a sudden pluuuuumm in the tummy .
It sure is a new experience with Gaurav on one side and the lil one inside. His queries , his anxiety , his curiosity makes me forget the rest of the world . Rubbing my belly, hugging me, specially when I am tired or low and saying,"now this goes for my baby ", when I stop him, has given him the place of gehlufying me whenever n however i needed. :)
My this little one is growing up !
And I am sure at Bliss !!!

God Bless My Babies :)
Amen !!!

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