Friday, July 10, 2009

a guilt feel !!!

Its for the first time that i searched for my bagpack and could'nt find the most needed thing.
My friend was thirsty and I forgot to carry my water can today.
This is for the very first time ever that I looked in and looked out helpless. I had a juice packet but she knew it was for my son...even though she was thirsty ,she could'nt accept my offer. Starting from my teenage I used to carry atleast some snacks, few chocolates, a juice pack, water can ,my first aid kit and my make-up kit :). But somehow with changing habits few things got shortlisted and I remodeled my bagpack. Make-up kit was cut down to just a comb and some rubber bands. first-aid pack with just a neo-spray, chocolates to M&Ms. Juice and water can became an everyday must. My friends wonder how soon I transfer stuffs from one bag to another because I change my bags very frequently.
But today I was in a hurry. I forgot to check my bag before leaving home. Everyday before having water I used to offer my friend first. But today when she needed it, I was helpless. Did'nt carry my wallet to buy a water can . I made a promise to myself.... Soma is back with her bagpack. Hoping not to face such situation again.

Amen !!!

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