Saturday, November 2, 2013

A book that says it all !

The simple, yet piercing truth spoken in the Fountainhead clears some portion of my jumbled feel but thereby creates another strand of thoughtfulness. 
Well, while scrolling chats with best buddies I was somehow reminded of a simple quote by Roarx “But I don't think of you." The more I say these words to myself, the more I feel their absence and start missing them.
I wish of another chance to grab hold of each others hand , sitting on the steps and shoving off the loneliness ....... Just the happiness of ones being, realizing the essence of ones presence, their value  in our life ... because, I do think of them ! 

"Jaane kyun phir dil kehta hai
Jee le zara, jee le zaraa
Kehta hai dil jee le zara....." ps :)

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A toast to Our Friendship !

It seems as if Artagnan just returned from his visit to Paris and narrates a wonderfully spend 2 months with three musketeers . They are all, one for all and all for one but the teasing, the leg pulling, the fights ,the affection, the care, the love that they share is way ahead of anyone's imagination. 
They did not see what's ahead and simply jumped into the well of friendship. Each step drowned them till they got tied. They got braided like a fishtail. It was just two of them. Then added one strand to loosen that bond and then one more addition & the bond became tighter. Stranded with each other they smiled and shoved off their sorrows and giggled over fresh happenings.
If anyone could hear them talk, "Ohoho aahaha hehehe ", were the sounds audible to the persons sitting next to them. No one knows what they talked but expressive were the emotions. 
Value the friendship and cherish the memories. 
Life is too short , no time to judge
Express your feelings , get indulged
Forget your pains , reveal the gains
Don't forget the past, never loose the present
Treasure your Treasures , that's what life measures !!!
Long live my friends, in colors we blend !!!!!

ps: in my heart you dwell , dusk n dawn I miss you all :(
      PAC are my life but one night with T gave me everything I had ones dreamt of and PACT motherhood for me . 
ThankYou :)
It all started with a Cup of Tea and ended with The Cup of Tea :) that's my kismat :)

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Daughters are so Special !

I always longed to have a daughter of my own. But God Blessed me with two precious boys. Not to complain as they tie me in the bond of Motherhood. 
But last night, the feel was something different. My friend's daughter had a sleepover at my place and she was just like my other children . Calm and quiet on bed, listening to prayers and closing their eyes. It was such a Blissful moment when she grabbed me and placed her hand around my tummy. Oh my God ! she made me feel how complete a family is when daughters are around. Well, I did miss Sara and Sana for sometime but ,the four more nights I have to spend with Tiya, will give enough pleasure and happiness to my heart which will remain with me at all times.

ps : the way she grabbed my tummy, I felt myself as a daughter being pampered and cared for the whole night. 
Lots of Love :)

Monday, August 19, 2013

The World is Our Playground .....

there's always some more friends to make
there's always a space at the table
there's always a new game to play.....
and it's changing everyday
so many new faces
we're dreaming while we're awake
no time to waste today......
(n no need to grow up )

PS: Its only the Place n the Place value that never changes
Memories Down The Lane Are, As Gentle As A Dove & As Fragile As Glass .... :)

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Our Efforts are Reflected by our Performances !!!

Falling fast asleep with a smile on our face, we feel so relaxed that it clearly shows on our face. Long hours of effort, shopping, emailing, arranging and coordinating pulls my energy down but when I receive a round of applause and the cheers from my team, I am in all strength n form. My team is my Motive and my Motive becomes my Passion. To get them all together, I can spend all my time . We started small but now we are a performing Team. With boys included , our bonding and trust has increased. Yes, responsibility has also stepped up but every moment spent together, gets the show going.
Despite controversies, fight for rights and unnecessary stress, We are appreciated and invited and acknowledged by many. That is where people say," You deserve a bigger stage than this" and we get invitation for gala events.
As long as I am an integral part of this team, I will give my Best to Get My Team the Best !!!

God Bless !!!
ps : I am happy :)

Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Lesson Learned :)

Is it God's way of sending an ear to me or letting me sit with someone where I have to listen ? He has his own way of helping people solve problems. He moved my cheese and opened one door. Good that I was able to grab the opportunity. When I started from home, I was a little upset but my way back, She had changed the world for me. She was able to put a smile on my face and bring back life in me.
I realized what I had lost few days back. 
My son's school had organized a Volunteer Recognition Event and I was part of it. Mrs. Anderson's(The Principal) words were very touching. She said, "a little kindness given by us,contributed to the bigger Achievements today." Met another teacher(Grd. 4), whose room was known as "Helping Buddies" when my son was a Kinder. They helped kindergartners with their crafts. I was glad that she remembered him.
A very sweet girl sat besides me and said," I know you. I have seen you in my class. You help us. Your son is a good singer. He plays the piano in Ms. Rehman's class. I am Madina and he is my friend." During class times she was one of the few students whom I had grouped as the "Silent Smarters." Even though they talk in the Classroom, they know how to work things out. 
But the lady for whom I am known at school is Mrs. Shari Chan, Class teacher of my son for the past two years.During the session, we could give each other a few personal talk. We came to know about schooling and graduating and how she came up to this level. I shared about my family and my studies so far. When we talked about our children , we did raise our marriage. She was talking with the flow but I was struck at one point. She was telling how her husband helps her in everything and now she blames him for making her reliable on him. She loves him a lot and May the Almighty keep her life Blessed At all Times.
When she came to Marriage, she said that she had ones learned from a friend, "Marriage is a Team Work. You may have a bad time but think it was a bad game we played and ignore it. Move on for the future and make the Best Team."
Past few days, me and my husband had a small fight. But it lingered for a while and things just screwed up ! While returning from school, I realized, may be this time the team didn't play well but our focus needed to be changed. i had to drag my team away from the critic scenario.And  suddenly there was a peaceful smile, light weighed shoulder and calm ambience around me. I remembered another saying of my cousin," try to find happiness in the small beauties of life there by ignoring the huge difficulties. Then only you can survive and brighten up !"
Life is so simple but at times we just make it complicated. SC and SSP, your words have definitely touched my heart. Lesson learned today, will always be worked on.

Thank you !
Amen !

Friday, May 31, 2013

Truth of Life :)

God drew an outline and sent us to this world. We fill it with different colors of our life. Sometimes red, few green places , some white spaces and some dark shades to overlap the pastels . But we choose the persons whom we assign to different phases or parts of our life. Few fade with passing time and a few remain intact.
I am not a typical viewer watching the so called tv serials these days. I have seen many people giving a stern look when you disturb them during the session. But why am I talking about it today ?Off late I watched few scenes of one of those soaps and few instances could not turn my face away and today was the ultimate. It just stopped, paused me for a moment. My heart pounded but the flowing blood was peaceful. A sweet girl interacting with a guy( probably her father) saying," the guy she wants to get married to is her Hero. Which upsets the guy a little bit. But then she continues saying, "But you will remain My Super Hero for my entire life." The scene, these lines were obvious to match my wave.
Super Hero, the person in whom I see my Best friend with whom I can share anything and everything at any point of time without any second thought. The person I can envy, I can be Mad with. The person whom I can trust as a Saver ,who can raise above the expectations I have from my brothers and The person whom I can give a rank way higher than my Father. He is my Super Hero. And I am truly, humbly, Blessed to have my Super Hero !

ps: You have taught me Everything in Life ... This Life is yours :)

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Beautiful !!!

A place I can't forget, a moment I won't ever regret !
Twenty minutes under the tomb gave me utmost peace.
I felt as if that was the place I would be with my love, live my love and speak my love with complete Silence.
The only feel that my mind was looking for was "Beautiful " and the only feel that my heart was speaking was " Beauty." 
The theme was seismic waves but the current was flowing in me. 
I just can't express what exactly I was going through but for the first time I saw the Serenity, the grace of San Francisco which once I had felt for Los Angeles.

California Academy of Science's planetarium gave me A worthy Beauty !
ps : closed my eyes for a second and lived love for seconds     :)

Will put the technical part in another post ... This was just the inner feeling ....

Monday, March 18, 2013

Loving my Sundays :)

When I do something apart from my daily schedule I feel happy. But if it make my presence felt and my passion implemented, I am just delighted. Earlier Sunday was just part of a weekend, some tv time, Biryani lunch n dinner from hubby's kitchen and some time with kids. But these days, I wait eagerly for my Sunday morning. Sharp 7:30 out of bed, freshening , tying saree ( as part of my practice costume), a light breakfast, preparing lunch ,getting kids ready by 9:00 and driving at a speed of 65 mph, heading straight to the Sai Baba temple, where my Mentor, friends and natkhat tots welcome me with a happy heart. Rhythm just flows and I step up. The 90 minutes I spend stepping with the group, I completely forget my husband and kids waiting for me at the near by play park. Regardless of the surrounding, I enjoy and live every second that I get. A moment where I express my feelings with my dance, where I am not judged but complimented even if I miss a beat, a platform to encourage the gracefulness of being a woman. With ladies being guided by my mentor and me taking care of the little ones, ooh I just love the way they fight for me. " You took a turn, now it's my turn. I will hold teacher's hand, she will be on my side. "I won't dance if teacher doesn't show me first" , the little angels fighting for me and that marks how innocent their love is. I love being part of their lives. Daughters are so precious :) My Sana is one of them.
I sink a little, when its departure time. It reminds me of all the natkhats my kiddos will be doing, but well, I do enjoy however they treat me. Gaurav being stubborn but caring for me whenever he gets a chance and Vaibhav, asking sorry a hundred times every night @ bed time,"Mamma sorry" and then hugging me and a sweet kiss :) .. They are my love, my Jewels.
Happy with my Sundays... Living it as much as I can :)

Nb: hurt myself badly today, fell down after stepping on bay blade placed underneath as a prank by my little one,. Hit my back and shoulder, Heavy swollen on the bottom of my foot...aaahh ouch ... Painful though ... My high spirits will keep me up and going...don't want to miss any Sundays

ps : Living life as it comes ..

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Jai Shiv Shankar !

I know it's going to be a tough day for me today, but my interest and dedication towards my class specially for the tots will keep my spirits high. Shedding pounds and loosing body fat encourage me to maintain my routine . Fasting will just be the icing on the cake !


Friday, February 1, 2013

My 1st Solo Performance - A dream will come true :)

Hi Friends,
Its because of your constant support along with my family that I am able to come so far in my Dancing career.
I ll be performing @  Huff Elementary School, Mountain VIew , CA tomorrow - 2nd Feb.2013 
This is the link to the Agenda

It will be my first Solo performance abroad :)
So, wishing to see my friends to cheer my spirits,

Thanking you

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Iss dard ki koi dawa nahin .....

Na shakal dekhi thi na surat
Bas bha gayi thi woh mann ko
Naam toh diya tha Sara, Magar pukaar na payi zara.

Kamal si khili aur lubha gayi
Din biti hi thi ki diya bujh gayi
Naam toh diya tha Sara, Magar pukaar na payi zara.

Meri kok main na pali
Par Beti thi woh meri
Naam toh rakha tha Sara, lekhin pukaar na payi zara.

Ye dard na mile kisiko
Dena hai to do ya na do kisiko....
Beti thi woh meri
duniya na dekh saki
Pukara tha jise Sara, na dekh na le saki zara.

God Bless My Daughter !
RIP ....
I am broken :(

Thursday, January 10, 2013

A WOW-full Evening !

It's always energizing when you enjoy your workout. I felt the same in my Zumba Class. Lot of moves, lot of positive energy and cheering for every segment.
I kept on moving with the rhythm when suddenly a tune played and I glared at Anna , my instructor . It was my favorite song and I was Dancing one of my favorite dances, Lambada.
I guess you got the song,

The one who made me cry has gone crying one day
The one who made me cry, has gone crying one day
He’ll be crying when he remembers a love
That he didn’t care one day
He’ll be crying when he remembers a love
That he didn’t care one day

The memory will be with him where he goes
The memory will be forever where I go

Dance, sun and sea I’ll keep on my look
Love makes (us) lose and find
I’ll be dancing lambada when I remember that this love
One day was king for an instant

The memory will be with him where he goes
The memory will be forever where I go.....

It's the song from Kaoma Lambada .

We were performing Zumba in Lambada style. I was feeling awesome ... WoW . Simply WoW !

ps: every step was a sinking breath, every smile was juggling between moves n memories :)
Love you :)

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Two Beautiful things that marked the beginning of this year !

With my neighbor falling sick on the 1st day of this year, my new year started with a chaotic schedule. She being old and me being one of the two closest neighbor she had, I had to dedicate few hours for the old and charming couple. After an emergency call to the hospital, paramedic and ambulance rushed to their apartment, Uncle was nervous but didn't show any sign on his face. He stood firm, watching what the helpers were doing to Aunty. They were checking for her blood pressure and pulse rate and started inquiring about her health to their son, bachelor of my age. The Inspection guy was unable to pronounce Aunty's name in the proper accent . Uncle was very upset ! He walked inside the room and told them how to take his wife's name. After few minutes she was rushed to the hospital. Uncle was freezing with tension ... few seconds later, I observed tears shedding from the corner of his eyes. He was missing aunty ! He hold my hand and said, " I am 72, never saw someone so sick. She is my wife, always strong at heart and mind. Why did such thing happen to her ?" Their daughter and we neighbors helped the old couple come out of their situation to a normal life. A few days passed, we were taking proper care of the family when suddenly one day Uncle spoke few words which marked a real Happy New Year . He said, " if I fall sick, things wouldn't have changed much but because the Lady of the house is sick, a husband is helpless, a child is speechless and the House is Lifeless." His words touched my heart. A man at this age respects and admires the beauty of his wife. For me they proved to be the true meaning for " Love Birds" . One thing I learned from him, Love your Love be it what. Life is unpredictable so let the heart be always heavy with Love !
As I mentioned, two things marked the beginning of my new year, the second thing is that I am able to stick to my resolution whatever comes my way. Waking up early and giving some time to thyself , having a proper schedule and hitting the gym for a healthy workout . Ending my day having fun with my kiddos and praying for everything the Almighty has given me so far .

ps : I am happy I never changed the inner me and I blissfully pray , I will never change for the people I Love.

Nothing will Change , Nothing can Change !! Puchu, You may have grown taller, but you will always fit into my lap You may step into Da...