Monday, September 14, 2009

twist in interest

Few years ago, I was just watching It with a sence of passing time. But gradually with a little bit of understanding began an inclination towards It. You must be thinking of what is that interests me , whats that "It ?"Yes, its the game Tennis , a game I can hardly think of missing. Even though I cant expalin all points , I watch it with all enthusiasm for the players of my choice. Obviously, I too shout for the winner of the previous year so that he/she can complete a series.
And today even I wish my lucky charm for Roger Federer ,the 5th US Open champion ,to win his 6th phase and get the 16th Grand Slam .....
My ambience does'nt permit me to stick to my screen today, but yes, I know he will make it this time too.
And yes, I am happy for the come back of Kim Clijsters and her end strike to win the US open. Congrats Clijsters !!!

Cheers for the Williams and L & L (Leander & Lukas) too !!!

Amen !!!

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