Monday, November 30, 2009

LA - destination always accepted

If there is a place on earth which I would love to spend days next to my home its Los Angeles ...
I dont know how I got a soft corner for the place, but I am always delighted to live there. May be the people I have been with, the friends I made there, the shops, the malls, my 1st house in USA ,#135 , in short I love anything and everything in LA.
My most memorable place ,where I viewed world in a different angle. I could built my very first social stand there. Even this time when I was in LA, I really had a super blasting week. Thanx to Milli ma'am n Bilas Sir for their splendid food .. I swear it was a treat..every dish we had was worth praising.
My visit to Tally Ho was another best part.. cuz thats the place where I lived and had enourmous memories. The moment I step into Tally Ho,or to say the moment our car drove thru' Hawthrone, I got a feel as if I am going to my Maika ! .
I am glad I could make a visit to my old place and visit all friends over there in such a short span.
And the best part was my shopping which i did till my satisfaction.

God Bless the lil ones I am missing here.. Gungun, Shuvam, Sadhvi, Cutie n Shivani

I love LA .. :)

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