Monday, September 28, 2009

Oh dear ! what can the matter be ?

Ever since I got inclined towards You, I had an unusual feeling. Whenever I was happy, I thought it is because you are always with me and even when I was sad, I knew you are there to correct it for me. At times of fault, I was not scared because I knew You are the Almighty for me, so you will always rectify it.
With passing time this became a habit. Even today, when things don't go as per my wish or vice-a-versa ,I leave everything to you, think about you and bow down before the situation so that things go well. Believe me or not, but may be because of the various sinuous in life ,I never felt of leaving you to go ahead of me or stay behind. I am teaching the same to my son, that He is always in your heart. If you listen carefully, you can liten to his words . Well ,he takes it his way,"Mamma, Ganesha stays in my heart,and he is saying its not eating or sleeping time,it's only play time."....:)Cant stop his flow of thoughts.
Can't stop my thoughts either. Many a times I promised before Him,that I wont disturb Him any furthur ,but I never kept my words.Every now and then ,I'll be opening His door and asking Him for another chance. And at the end of the day,when I thank Him for what all He gave me, I put a smile on my face and sleep b'cuz I know ,I will think of him as soon as I am awake.

Should'nt say sorry but.....
Sorry God, I don't want to change myself.... When you bless me, I am happy.


Thursday, September 24, 2009

was it me or some thought ?

A regular 20-25 mints walk from my place to my son's school took me hardly 10 minutes today . And i was smiling all through my way , i dont know why this was happening. Even for a fraction of second i blushed, then forcefully i changed my mind, saying " oh no, this is a road" . Saw a very small puppy,i say it very small becuz it looked jst like a fresh born one and much smaller to the chihuahua,coming pretty close to me and waving his tail and staying close for some time and that made me happy.But truely speaking i was smiling from morning, unnoticed to all, i was in my world but with no such bound feelings to make me happy. I dressed up in my usual way so that nothing goes hyper but i let my hair fall free, did'nt feel like tying them. Looked myself in the mirror, and guess what, I reacted as if i had slimmed down :P .
Gosh ! was something getting me nostalgic ? may be but nah ... :)
anyways i am happy today and still smiling ... :)

God be with me

Sunday, September 20, 2009

hard times when celebration is lonely

......with all tring tring of the calls and my echos on the
arrival of the baby from the womb, warming the arms of the numb,
He is the Yuvraj of the family.Gracius to the Almighty for his destiny.
Born on 20th Sept'09, Sunday , he takes the 34th position in the team.
Apart from all the happiness and blessings I can bestow on him, it hits really hard when i cant be at home in this special moment.
Being away from the family because of certain constraints can give terrible pains which can never be expressed by words but tears do roll down the cheeks.
Dont want to curse myself for being where i am today, because its my fate which has brought me here, but still i desperately want to be with everyone there .
I miss you all .

Lots of love to the proud parents , my bhaiya-bhabi , and their lil 1.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

waiting impatiently

With a new member to be added to our family of 33, which includes all baccha parties, moms n grandmoms are busy calculating the best time and the best day for his/her arrival. I am also counted on the list as i ll be holding a special position soon. All betting for a saturday child, like me.. but i am praying for a Sunday child . A Sunday born chlild is a combo pack of all positive attributes. And they say, if its a child born on a Sunday, she/he carries her/his luck everywhere.
I am calling up home every now n then and bugging brains of all because i am missing home today. I wont be there standing outside the operation theatre to hold the little one as my number comes from a long queue of family but still i know i ll be the first one she will hold to. Waiting for the pearl........

well , this is what every child carries .....
Monday's child is fair of face,
Tuesday's child is full of grace,
Wednesday's child is full of woe,
Thursday's child has far to go,
Friday's child is loving and giving,
Saturday's child works hard for a living,
But the child that is born on Sunday
is bonny and blithe and good and gay ..............

Monday, September 14, 2009

this is how things change

with few bad serves and week strikes, del Potro takes the trophy ... and Roger looses his Grand Slam Title.
--- well never mind, he will definitely come back to his form :)

twist in interest

Few years ago, I was just watching It with a sence of passing time. But gradually with a little bit of understanding began an inclination towards It. You must be thinking of what is that interests me , whats that "It ?"Yes, its the game Tennis , a game I can hardly think of missing. Even though I cant expalin all points , I watch it with all enthusiasm for the players of my choice. Obviously, I too shout for the winner of the previous year so that he/she can complete a series.
And today even I wish my lucky charm for Roger Federer ,the 5th US Open champion ,to win his 6th phase and get the 16th Grand Slam .....
My ambience does'nt permit me to stick to my screen today, but yes, I know he will make it this time too.
And yes, I am happy for the come back of Kim Clijsters and her end strike to win the US open. Congrats Clijsters !!!

Cheers for the Williams and L & L (Leander & Lukas) too !!!

Amen !!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I bet you would love to get one ...

I bet you would love to get a small , a reall small slap from some tiny hands.
Yes, I am sharing a moment with my lil one. A few days back, after his lunch, we were reading some books as part of our daily routine before siesta and I tried (ofcourse knowingly because I was sleepy)to skip a page and he knew it. I had to say sorry and read the entire book again;thats how he punishes me. But in the middle of the story, he asked for a break and said,"Mamma, I think you need a slap." I was shocked to hear that. I asked him,"Beta where did you hear that? Who told you to give a slap?"
He winked and with a sheepish smile he said,"don't worry Mamma, I will give you a small,a real small slap."
And he touched my cheeks with his tiny palm and said ,"see this is a slap.Hitting is not fare so I can give you a small slap." I wondered where he learnt that but were already cozy and slept after a while.
At such moments,even though I feel a bit annoyed, I can't raise a tone at him. He makes me feel super happy.

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