Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A New Lesson :) A Beautiful Experience :)

It's always a pleasure when people acknowledge you for not what you are famous about but for something which is not ordinary in you. I am very well known as a Dancer but out of crowd someone noticed something in me, which I was never aware of. 
Late last night I got a phone call from a teenager saying," Aunty, my mommy said, you are very good in make up , can you please help me?"
I asked if she was talking to the right person :) She politely said, " we saw how well you blended shades for the Dance performance and now I have a Fashion Show at my school and my models need a good make up this time. Can you please help us!" 
Generous enough I agreed to help her with what ever I could. 
We decided to meet over and discuss her requirements . Her theme was "Elements of Nature" and she needed eye makeup to go with her theme .
I wanted her to do most of the talking. 
She flawlessly explained every bit of her element  . She was so clear with her concept that there was no looking back for me ... I decided to give it a shot :)
I tried to figure out few easy liners with both shades... 
With what shades I had, and with the inappropriate brushes, I tried a free hand. 
I will be given 20 mints for each model. Hoping that I will be able to give my best in making her show Rocking :)
It's totally a different experience working with teenagers - high schoolers :)
Will upload the final shades soon ... :)
Stay connected :)
Happy Working ... Happy Ending ☺️☺️

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