Friday, October 31, 2014

I am happy when I give time to myself... be it through Dance or Fitness or even Bi-cycling ... my new Addition to Life :)

When I say I am happy, it means I have a genuine reason to smile. Something has given me a cause to rejoice. No matter how valuable the subject is, but it surely has generated a degree of satisfaction and an opening to a broader view or a new wish. I have always preserved small happenings of my life which has given me a reason to live a lifetime. I never dream of high aspirations because i don't like the sign of dissatisfaction on my face. But yes, my wants, wishes or dreams might not be of any importance to many, but they are sensible to me because, I dream small and always pray towards achieving it. 
In this chaotic life, we often ignore things that we had ones thought of doing. We build a house, make our home, raise kids, project towards the well being of all, try to satisfy demands of family, corporate and what not.... But have we ever paused for a moment to think about what we had ones thought of doing ? Do we give ourselves a chance to ask what we want? Have we really given up on our interests or dreams? Why and What for ? 
Our duties always bind us with certain rules and regulations . Even if they allow us to go beyond our territories for some time, there is a certain constraint which pulls us behind. I try my best, to follow the path The Almighty has drawn for me but I still wake up with a hope that at least today I will give some time to shape or carve the inner smile I deserve. And I am glad I am able to do it.
I find some time to ride my bike,
into the woods I go for a hike.
Sixty minutes pass so soon
I feel its hardly time to noon.
As the wheels grin the road,
my dreams rotate in certain mode.
Things I had ones thought of.
Swirl around, letting sorrows go off !
Winds make tears roll down,
I feel my pains shed down.
Just like a little eel,
I stick to my dream wheel.
All that I had ones wished,
dream again with all the twists.
Randomly I choose my track,
Loving love that I never lack.
It gives me immense happiness,
When I fulfill my dreams with genuineness.
Either by force or by plead, 
I have always demanded my Wish !
Achieved it with all my risk;
Else I knew I would live bleed.
Dreaming with my open eyes,
even if You ask me why ?

ps: My love , My Dreams will never Die ... 
      Even if you ask Why? I will Smile with a Sigh :)
Amen !!!

Saturday, September 6, 2014


A pleasant morning 
With smile unexpected ;
Dream that'll haunt me today 
With petals on the forehead !

Friday, June 13, 2014

Reth bhi kam padne laga hai ...

Kyun dikhata hai Ishwar raasta ,
Jiski daastan hi hai adha.
Dosti nibhate nibhate,
Kar deta hai mujhe unki adatein .
Gehri jab hoti hai rishtein ,
Dubti rehti Hun main unmein.
Haste muskurake beeta te hain pal,
Par anzane main sab jata hai badal.
Dhoondi rehti Hun jab main unhein,
Milte hain sirf kanch ke kuch tukde,
Ya Khuda na ban itna bedardi,
Mushkil hoti hai jeena zindagi.
Har dard main daali himmat,
Par jab khatam hoti hai Reth,
Kahan payungi main zannat !

Thursday, February 27, 2014

It feels nice when I keep things simple

Har Har Mahadev or Jai Shiv Shankar or even Happy Maha Shiv Ratri !
When people bless one another on this auspicious day, I just feel like wishing the person for whom I dedicate this day.
I love to begin it with my regular routine so that I don't disturb anyone's peace of mind. Calmly I finish my chores, go for my walk, giggle & jingle with friends, talk about their day and how the fast was going. But at one point of time when the surrounding is serene, I just meditate and think about how good my man is for me and where all he has given his best to keep me in this blessed state . Small wonders, little smiles, touchy words, pastel moves of life; these are everything that makes my day complete. A fully reserved day packed with preserved hours where I dwell between the waves of life .
Taking an off for the day and fasting with Milk and Juice from Dawn to Dusk
God Bless me and my Beloved ones.

Oh God ! I Thank You For Everything You Have Given Me.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

May the Almighty Rest This Gem's Soul in Peace.

ye zakhm abhi asie hain, pata nahin kab bharenge; Agar kabhi bhare, toh maloom nahin kab hum ubhrenge .
The space you left , will always be filled with lively memories .
With no control over life n death , May we always have the strength to accept what comes our way and Preserve all the Happiness God throws in our court. 

Amen !

Nothing will Change , Nothing can Change !! Puchu, You may have grown taller, but you will always fit into my lap You may step into Da...