Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Don't complain ... Say it Proudly !!!

I know females are going to sprang on me and pour on me some dreadly views but something just struck me when I was almost out of my siesta... Why do we always use the quote,"All men are same" when we feel like scolding or opposing a male? Have we ever thought of it before saying it? I guess no. We just follow what others have already spoken. We heard someone say so and we speake it out when and where we felt it right. i am not trying to support the negetivity in this statement .I am just trying to bring out the possitiveness behind such hard words. What makes us speak this? We say it when we are hurt, when we here someone say,"he forgot to give roses on valentine's day", or when he forgot my birthday after so many years of togetherness or when we here a bachelor turning to a beautiful girl who passes by. Strange !!!
Now comes my logic on it. All men are really same. You know why ? Because they find very few girls same. Men proudly mention our mother,sister,daughter,friend to be the best, which makes them few. Just one or two in a family being special. So in a world of 58% being male and just 42% of female (an approximate),the gents still find less ladies to be looked upon. Then why say such statement and feel inferior rather than trying to be in that small place and increasing our count. So relax... whenever you feel like saying"all men are same" be thankful that you are in that special place.

I know this is something funny that I have raised but debating is acceptable on the topic.

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