Wednesday, May 13, 2009

that extra 5 minutes ?

its always needed...but ended with unspoken words
neither can i cry nor give the smile then deserved.
i feel like telling everything i had thought of in those few minutes
but speechless i stand with the crowd till she exits.....

she asks for an explanation..what will happen in that 5 minutes
i say i don't know ... may be i simply cant resist
resist to what if I ask... i have no answer
the beast within says, its the pleasure.

i feel she wanted it today..but kept it unrevealed
living like the nonliving ... my breathes were steeled
now may be she can understand
i was never wrong when i claimed for those extra 5 minutes.

i guess thts what every girl feels, standing at the threshold of her new house, waiving at her parents.
the most difficult time ever.

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