Monday, November 1, 2010

Caffeine/Chocolate - a no, no

It is mentioned in various articles that a carrying mom can consume up to 200mgs of Caffeine a day. Or, if she is chocoholic then a few won't be any harm. But, presently I realised, the days I drink a cup of coffee or I eat couple of chocolates,say 3-4, the movement of my baby reduces and so reduces my sleep. Yesterday was Halloween and I consumed enough chocos because I could'nt control my temptation towards few liked ones. Then I had to compulsorily sit down with my kick count sheet and start counting how many times my baby moved or kicked(in general term). Never took it so seriously !!!
Its time for me to say a strict No to coffee and a no,no to chocolates untill Jan :)
A tip to newly expecting mommies - eat as much chocolate you want during 2nd trimester , forget the 1st and 3rd .

God Bless Us All

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