Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Bittersweet Memories

When we get nostalgic about something, we either smile over the incident or just let it go with a sigh. And something similar just happened with me today.
Years ago, something like this was echoing at home," take off your uniform, finish your homework, do not sit near the tv now, finish your milk,go out and play, do your prayers, time to bed",when Mom used to give out a call to us. And my younger brother deliberately used to hide or sit cozily with our Grandfather as he knew once he was with him, no one can scold or get him out of that place unless otherwise, Bapa(that is how we adressed our Grandfather) moved. He was the pampered one. It was very difficult for Mom to finish her chores with him. She used to stare and increase her tempers but nothing ever worked. Then, I used to feel ," Oh! Mom is so restricting."
But now, when I have stepped in her shoes , I am going through the same situation when my elder son sits cuddled near his Grandfather or Grandmother and I can just wait till they move or he comes to me for something. At that moment, I really get annoyed as to why isn't he obeying me , all my other jobs are pending because of him but, ultimately, I just frown to myself and nothing works. :). Later, I realise, we were doing the same thing to Mom and now my child is doing it to me.
These days, our children hardly find time to spend with their Grandparents due to growing nuclear families. And now when I think back to the days we had a chance to live with them, we have so much to cherish that we feel their values in our hearts.
My request to my readers, if you have a family of Grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, then let your next generation take the opportunity to know their importance in life. I know we have to go through some compromises because of it but then few days or hours spent with family members will definitely give them the bliss of Family. This is how they will learn that other than Mom n Dad ,there are people who equally love and care for them.
It may be bitter, but sweet for a lifetime........
God Bless Us All
and let my Grandparents'Soul rest in peace
Amen !!!

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