Saturday, May 30, 2009

does my name justify my being?

Parents named me something, my grandfather showed me its meaning. A friend got a twist in it. And now........

watched the movie...
The Secret of Moonacre... in which a teenager ,named Maria, discovers the weight of her responsibility: she has been anointed the last Moon Princess of the valley.
It reminded me of a name ...given by someone who was with me for a very few days but holds a special place.
People always blamed him but admired him for his indepth knowledge.
While he was counting his last breathe, he posed a different look in me.
Gave me a very different name, which i never ever knew why he called me so.
I related the views someone had mentioned after watching this movie to His.
As per the name he gave meant "light, holy".
its still a mystery, why he named me so. but whnever he was drunk he said," i would call you S******* , that name suits you."
May be peoples' judgement is true,"we speak the truth, when we are drunk."
He passed away, but left this image for me.

don't know how far he was true? or he is true?

God be with me in whatever i do, whatever i see and whatever i speak.
U R The Almighty.

Amen !!!

* do post ur coments if u feel like ......

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