Sunday, November 1, 2009

this is what life really is...

From the moment of bliss through the steps of life , I acted upon so many activities, interacted with so many people, passed through various thought processes but at certain level these attributes changed .But at the back of my mind I hardly ever forgot anything or anyone. Gone are those days when I was giggling with my brothers and sisters over silly matters , sharing food from the same plate, eating, munching, chattering all day long even fighting, quarelling but at the end of the day praying for them. Well these habits have'nt changed but the scenario have changed. We are all grown up and living lives as per the dimensions we have set for ourselves. I came abroad,living my parents, my house, all my fun over there. But made new friends and life changed like a toss of a coin. Few of my unfolded dreams which I had once dreamt of came true. Well my view of USA ,obviously changed because I had a thought that I will find no friend and a beautiful ,cozy house with peace all over. But ,thanx to the Almighty for not getting that dream come true else I would have ran away from this place. I ,often wonder what is so special about this place that even though I miss my home, my parents, my in-laws, my loved ones, I find it homely here. Well , all credit goes to the selection of place done by my hubby, for whom I am here. But yes, building society is always credited to the lady of the house. No wonder , I have done that job perfectly. Ahh !!! My friends are my all time activity , apart from the work I am intended to life, my family , which obviously stands first. But , I have often felt ,the days I really feel low, there is someone or the other to help me out of it. Well close ones are the dear ones. One instance which I would love to share is ,one day a very good friend had sent some real yummy food through another friend and with the typical taste of my mom's preparation.I wonder how she knew that I was missing home and made my day but this is what friends are for. They make our day.
And today I got 2 very good friends.. They are Suhas and Aditya. You must be wondering who they are. Well one is a todler and another just a 2nd grade boy. They fight with me, play with me and make my son envy them. But when they 3 are together ,they remind me of those lovely days I had spent with my family, with my brothers and sisters at my home. I can't miss the other two names in the gang .Out of which one loves to irritate me to an unextended degree. With all his spanish talks, I just make it out that he calls me Shoma and when he is upset, he makes a silly face and sticks to a wall uttering ,"baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad boy !". I wonder when he will learn his genders. :) The other one is just a year older to him and every day , without fail, I have to tell him," Hi Gundu Darnav !"(he is actually Arnav) and he has to reciprocate ,"Hi gundu Doma !".......... Days are passing with these tiny friends.
They are the special gifts God has gifted me. God Bless Them All .

ooooo..... I was actually trying to quote some words I read in a blog, but wonder why I got distracted towards the lil ones... 'nyways ,what I actually wanted to share is .....

Accepting the past and whatever unpleasant may have taken place, helps us integrate it in us. Reminding ourselves that the other person in question is entitled to his own way of looking at things; handling his life helps us accept whatever happened between him and us in a neutral manner and in moving on. Only then we can continue to create positive vibrations to ‘forgive and forget’ though it really should be ‘accept and forgive’. Accept them as they are and forgiveness follows naturally. Trying to forget only makes us remember it some other time. Accepting it actually frees us of the burden.

I loved these lines and wanted to post it here.

God Bless
Amen !!!


  1. Lovely post Soms! You guys must be having a heck of a time with all the kids around. Besides that, out of the many things in life that cheer us up, there are very few things that come close to "memories of the good ol' days". You didnt have to mention the sweet part, but I am glad to have given you something that reminded you of home :)

    Keep posting.


  2. ur thoughts r awesome dear....ds 1 s really impressive....keep writing...:):):)



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