Monday, September 28, 2009

Oh dear ! what can the matter be ?

Ever since I got inclined towards You, I had an unusual feeling. Whenever I was happy, I thought it is because you are always with me and even when I was sad, I knew you are there to correct it for me. At times of fault, I was not scared because I knew You are the Almighty for me, so you will always rectify it.
With passing time this became a habit. Even today, when things don't go as per my wish or vice-a-versa ,I leave everything to you, think about you and bow down before the situation so that things go well. Believe me or not, but may be because of the various sinuous in life ,I never felt of leaving you to go ahead of me or stay behind. I am teaching the same to my son, that He is always in your heart. If you listen carefully, you can liten to his words . Well ,he takes it his way,"Mamma, Ganesha stays in my heart,and he is saying its not eating or sleeping time,it's only play time."....:)Cant stop his flow of thoughts.
Can't stop my thoughts either. Many a times I promised before Him,that I wont disturb Him any furthur ,but I never kept my words.Every now and then ,I'll be opening His door and asking Him for another chance. And at the end of the day,when I thank Him for what all He gave me, I put a smile on my face and sleep b'cuz I know ,I will think of him as soon as I am awake.

Should'nt say sorry but.....
Sorry God, I don't want to change myself.... When you bless me, I am happy.


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