Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A piece of Art

The passion, the bond, the synchronisation, the element of love,the indepth feeling, all together in a A piece of classic has taken a place in me.
No wonder, there can't be a better way to express our feelings other than showing it in movements.

Actions Do Speak !!!

and now do not miss the original one

Friday, February 19, 2010

Jab mind ho out of control !!!

2:25 am .
I know it's very late and I should be asleep by this time but sleepless are my days.
Specially today!
I can't say it anxiety, I can't name it curiosity. Rather I am constantly saying it to myself,"Jab mind ho out of control,say all is well."
Coping with the California(or USA) system , my days have become restless recently.
Things I never thought of thinking have become my big reason of worry. Even though I know I have nothing to worry about,my impatient attitude is making me nervous.And moreover when I know this is just a phase of life which will pass gradually, or this is the beginning of a new phase, I am totally unable to accept it. I just cannot take it for granted that certain things of life come in unexpected packages. My head is really heavy, and is sounding just like the pounding of my heart.Every alternate second I feel something murmuring near my ear. And worst of all ,all this is taking away my sleep :).... seems like "Sleepless in California."
Two things which I am following now, when few things are hard to share ,specially whats going on with and in me :

"Do kadam ka yeh safar hai,
umrr choti si dagar hai,
ik kadam main ladh khadaya kyun ?"

and keeping in mind,before my eyes, faces of people who have just loved me.

I Love You Too :)

God Bless

Thursday, February 4, 2010

A glitter on my face

Smiling and giggling
i walk down the streets
unnoticed i keep my smile
which shows the glitter on my eyes

i know its time for love making
but blushing to walk with him
as if we were the new birds
chirpping the charming notes
embarassing though it feels
showing glitters on my cheeks

gems from the pink shell
peeping out now and then
removing hair from my face
to make it a clear view
i still woo
when glitters i dont know for who

i know its he...
cuz no one can take his place
but when it comes to show
i just show the glow
he knows and understands what i feel
but speechless he stands
when words want a reveal

few days to go......
no cards no gifts can speak out the truth
but expressions still yell the truth
its time to wish eachother the honesty within
yes, He is the Valentine my heart will always win !!!

I know its been seven years but still how can i stop wishing him...
Happy Valentine's day Ji :)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Stone Unturned .....

When feelings remain unexpressed
Pearls do roll out of the Shell
Even though she is an Angel

A human at his conscience
is bound without any compliance
though unrestricted she stands
she knows she is just like that chime
with tinkles forgotten by the wands

I wonder why things get lingered
when I am sure it isn't be clingered
with just a foot step
and a little work with triggers
a thing much awaited
Can be at my fingers

O Lord,
I know the winner stands alone .. but
I ask nothing but just a chance
for U to take a glance
How easily You are leaving her
To step upon the noisiest Stone ......

Nothing will Change , Nothing can Change !! Puchu, You may have grown taller, but you will always fit into my lap You may step into Da...