Saturday, April 24, 2010

It's been so many days I visited my blog.
Life is playing so much pranks on me, I am getting twisted in the knots. But, without posing any complains on how my days are passing,I am trying to end my day with a smile thinking of those who deserve it. Who do not deserve my tired or annoyed face. So many things in the pipeline and clearing them one by one is making my days tougher but is making me stronger at the same time. The dream to drive on the streets of California came true but then I realised , I am missing the fun with a little friend ,just 2.5 yrs and calling me Shoma ,crying before her parents to talk to me over phone when she is upset or forcing them to get her to my house when she is on a time out :),when we carpooled. I am sad because I stopped my daily walk, but I am getting some extra time to spend with my son without being tired. Driving him for his activity classes is keeping me busy but I am enjoying when I see a broad smile on his face and waving from within the classes.
My body does'nt permit me to strain myself with exercises or walks but they have become a part of my daily schedule with all the extra works I have taken up.
Well this is life, as its passes, days become tougher.
Happy with how its dragging me....

If not what I am, atleast I end up being Domnique :)
This keeps me going !!!

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