Tuesday, December 27, 2011

It's been a year !!!

It's been a year !!! Last Christmas was my Baby shower and this Christmas my Doll is 11 months. WoW ! Time seriously flies .............
Had been to the public library today . Fortunately, met a lady whom I had seen exactly a year back when I was carrying. From the visibility I asked her if she was carrying and got to know that she is almost due. With the formal pleasantries she asked me how my life has become with two kids. I told her that my days have turned too hectic being on toes 24/7. And gradually we started talking of how easy life was when we were kids and our parents had help all through the day and thereby complaining of being alone and doing things by ourselves.
On my way back home, I met an elderly friend. Stopped to say hello and asked about how I was doing. During our conversation she suddenly said few words which touched me and raised my spirits.
She told me,"have you ever realized God has given you the power, the ability to handle a house and 3 kids(my hubby included) which at a point of time your parents were doing with some one's help. They had family members to take care of you and helpers and home. But now you are standing alone and doing things. Be proud of yourself !" ... :)
Now, I don't feel stressed with my chores. Rather, I feel this is the time where Home Management starts. From a home maker to a home manager is not easy but noting comes in easy packages. We have to pay now for a free tomorrow.

:) happy !!!

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