Monday, August 31, 2009

A Classic Piece :)

When I see a master piece, my first impression goes on having it. If at any cost that is not possible I search around for the store book to leave a note. And I scribble down the whole sheet.
I remember the very first time I had ben to any big store where I could spend was The Shopper's Stop @ Delhi and I had picked up a Lakme 123, the first brand on my self.But I was so glazed at the store I immediately searched for the storebook and scribbled my first impression note. I dont know whether they do it for everyone or just me ,but a guy with a black coat came and read it therby thanking me with a generous smile.
U must be wondering why suddenly I thought of a masterpiece. I was trying to visualize some images last night and the moment I woke up I saw some classic images on my screen. Could'nt stop myself from comenting on them. I rarely get that chance and can never stop myself to grab it.
Be it a painting, a showcase or a person, if it is worth appreciating then do it...dont think much; that is what I believe.

'njoy !!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

tender hearts and clean souls !!!

While making him have his milk, few drops spilled on his dress.I apologised and he immediately replied, "that's okay Mommy, accidents do happen." I asked him where did you learn this. He replied" little bears' daddy ,father bear was telling him."
Little Bear is a character every child loves to watch. Its one of his favorites.
Many a times unexpectedly he says few things which makes me realise that he is growing big.
A neonate,a God's creation, cuddled , unkown of anything , crying just for food, growing up gradually with mischief crawling, walking and smile,transforms so quickly to a boy ,eating, reading and playing all by himself developing his creativity ....
He surely makes me feel proud !!!

wake up !!!

Many a times unexpectedly my son says few things which makes me realise that he is growing big. But when will our politicians and our citizens grow their social and interpersonal skills remains a question in itself. I want to raise a question to those who stick to the newspaper every now and then, that do you really get some ways and means where you can develop your country or you are just reading the articles to chit chat with your friends and collegues and post blogs on page 3?
Few days back, I heard that if we need to accept the citizenship of another country , we need to fight in favor for that country all the time. People who were eager to change there status or citizenship, started discussing on how can they fight against their original country? Now i ask them, where were you when your country was really needing you? wake up lazy bums !!! reading articles and staying glued to the screen will never help in progress. Take steps and rebuilt the democracy of our country.

Jai Bharat !

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I really miss you.
I have other friends whom I can talk to but it's not the same.
You have such a deep understanding of who I am,I hardly have to speak any words and you know just what I am saying.
I really miss you and I want to be sure that you know that no matter where I go, what I do or whom I meet ,I' ll never find as deep a friendship with anyone as I have with YOU

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

a sidewalk .....

the walk from my house to my son's school is a very familiar road for me now. with some faces waving at me everyday, such as the Les Schwab tire shop guys, the garage guys, the ladies @ da bus stop,the Sardar Uncle,the kabob store chef, the terrific and horrifying Martin hair supply store(i call it terrific and horrifying because it is filled with human faces with strange wigs,that had scared me the first time i entered the Salon and promised never to enter any American Salon alone) and the deserted Indian Cinema Theater. But few faces had vanished after their job were done, like the KFC/A&W builders. they were my daily faces few months back. we used to trouble each other ;they used to block my way almost everyday and say Sorry and i used to roll the stroller on the hose pipes almost every time i crossed them. they used to waive at me in case the road was blocked and let me know how many days it would continue..."sorry lady, just another 15 days". I used to walk without noticing that there was a person underground and realized only after he shouted"ma'am i 'm here".
U must be wondering why am i telling you all this...
but the best part of it happened today. During my walk , a man from a parked car shouted aloud ,"hello Lady, Good Morning, Good Morning".
I wondered who can that be shouting so loud and turned around. It was the KFC/A&W builder. With my usual broad smile i wished him back and continued my way. Back of my mind I was thinking , in a place like US, where I am just a visitor, there are people who remember me.

it made me happy.

Friday, August 14, 2009

It's not that I did'nt get any new thought for my blog, but trying to know more about my health orders and searchng them online..
So will take time to come back with new posts.

Monday, August 3, 2009

in silent pain ....

yes,I am silent today.... don't know what to speak,don't know whom to speak to and i don't even know why i am writing today. May be just because this has become a habit, I am scribbling it down.
Today, I am confused looking at the stars.
I know the path is open and I even know which one is correct but still, I feel there is a long dark tunnel to pass through. I cant see the end of it. Or may be I don't want to see it. The end visuals are scaring me. They say it's a bad phase and I'll overcome it only if I let it go. But is it possible?

God,help me !!! and this time please don't keep me waiting ... something and someone really needs you.


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