Friday, December 4, 2009

A day not to be mentioned

I dont know what went wrong... but i messed up my whole day .. :)
with a regular process of my treatment , I went to the doctor and was all set for it.
But instead of a heating current of 5-9 range I opted for a 10-15 range.
I wonder why i wanted to take the pain of that much heat when I knew my body restricts me to 8. Well , I still dont know why i took it.
but the after effect was good... I got a special massage at the spa from the Doc. But the worse was she had to rub my foot, to get those burns out, so that I can go for the treatment tomorrow. It was terrible.
Well, I am glad i could take that pain.
I dont think that was enough for the day...i had to walk down with that painful foot and middle of the way..while setting the stroller for my son, i hit my thumb and now i am with ice pack on it..
Seriously a bad day...
Anyways ! day has ended..
hope things go good later on .

But ,strange enough, All through this , I was just reminded of Domnique .

God Bless
Amen .

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