Friday, April 17, 2009

i seriously dont like you :(

u always try to take a place on my face.
never hesitate, even though u know that i hate
u sprung rarely but disturb me entirely
i keep poking u,
scratching my face...u give me a pain
how mean of u ???

dont u find some other place....
cuz u know how much i care for my face...
people say your arrival means a passion time...
but Mom scares me that its the worse time
So dare if you come again...
even though u have taken a place now..
but please never show me ur face again...

I hate you Pimple .

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

soothing music

We always end up listening to some filmy songs when we are happy or mostly when we feel low. And we listen to songs suiting our situation forgetting that those songs will keep us in that state wont let us go out of it.
i have my own list of musics for this... and it really works (specially when i feel lonely or low)

But first of all, can you take some time out remembering or asking yourselves how many times you have heared these musics and do you remember them.. well you have heared them many a times but never thought to remember in da sequel but be it any filmy song you ll mug it the next moment. My dear they are'nt your life... Listen to one of these links... they will make your day.

I have made it my habit . I am not asking you to make it your habit but atleast you can freshen up ... There's no harm in trying.
and if you are seriously trying , dont forget to let me know.

these two are enough for the beginners :)

GOD is there ... Trust HIM

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

life is so simple.... it turns u whenever it wants :)

u always complain that i divert a thing...
have u ever realised how you divert my being..
u keep me waiting , always wanting..
giving no chance to ask... no chance to repent.

i dont know why i still love you so much...
to the extent that u call me irresistible...
but i still long to be ur piece of munch..
even though i am not there to make it edible.

God has never been with me when i have asked on you..
but with no regrets i say its always You.

God u r always with me :)

how strongly ,
how closely ,
u hold me once...
no space for the air to pass..

so cozy,
so touchy,
just like a bugga bugga baby.

you touch me here n there,
you caress me every where.
a touch so agile.... a kiss so fragile...
this is how you care ...
in a moment that is rare ...

behold me when i am tired,
just to rest on your shoulder when 'ts required.
can we be in a bond which is virtual,
but still live a life of the usual?
this was once asked by u..
(now i ask )
can we still be sticked with that glue?

we are never the usual birds
spreading out their love notes,
we have always kept it a secret
yelling nothing but the donts...

let there be no spell from a witch
on your this little bitch
who still longs and waits for that...............
Strong, Close, Hold of yours...

Amen !!!

The Weather @ my place (SFo)

This is how U were today ....

dont take me as your whey...
u r making me go away...
(ouchy.... it hurts....)

the way u embraced me
'twas cozy but smooth ...
the moment I took a breath..
it seemed u were pushng me...
(just to keep me close)

i was loosing my balance..
when u whipped off those leaves
shiverring , shaking , just to get a feeling
U wanted me to be walking..

the clanging noise,
the pushing cart.....
when they moved on their own..
i giggled to my heart

u made me happy..
U were the Windy Wind...
stay close to me like that...
for i dont feel apart :)

Nothing will Change , Nothing can Change !! Puchu, You may have grown taller, but you will always fit into my lap You may step into Da...