Sunday, December 26, 2010

Speechless I stood ....

With all the cling clangs of Merry Christmas, I never expected a big band of choir fooling me, making me stand still, pulsating ,trying to camouflage myself.
When it was time to wish each other and ask for the day's plan, a friend called up and mentioned she was going to encourage a friend over lunch. One said, she had to make something special for her husband, and last but not the least had to spend her day at the church. The eldest of the gang had just returned from India, which made it obvious that she should be taking rest, getting herself out of the jet lag. So all were busy with something or the other. Day passed and I was so cozily sitting with my PJ's on, enjoying my plate of evening snacks with my family, when suddenly the door-bell rang and 'twas a friend asking for a small help. Few minutes later there was another bell, one more friend , just came in to show her new saree. But the third time the bell rang, I heard some children outside & they were my son's friends. I was still cozy enough to get them in, when there was a huge , a real huge SURPRISE from my friends. They were standing at my door with cameras ready to click my action/reaction, all set to shower their blessings on me. Yeah ! U got it correct, they surprised me with the Baby Shower plan. No wonder, my husband was so deeply involved in the whole process that without a slight of hint he set the whole house, finished all the chores and quietly sat with me, munching! He always bugged me saying he is very good actor and I used to ask him to shut that thought of his in some deep corner. But he just proved himself. I'm yet to accept that he could so thoughtfully and secretly manage this party get going. This is not enough! The worst ever part was that I was present in all the prior discussions made as it was going to be a planned Shower. My friends got me deeply involved ,asking me to choose a date , decide on the menu and select my wear for the occasion and what not. It was decided to be on new yr...yes , on 1st of Jan. 2011. I trusted them so much that it never ever clued me, they might seek all my wishes and goof me. That was just what happened. They noted everything I said, made things accordingly but shocked me with their own date. OMG !!! It took almost the whole evening to get my palpitation back to normal.
You know, at times you should not trust your friends. May be then only you can realise how special they are. Family for a life time and friends who will always stay close to my heart.
Indeed a Merry Christmas and A wonderful way to Shower Blessings on me and my little one in.
Very soon my elder one will be joining his group of big brothers.
They made me feel really really special and I enjoyed every single second of this special evening.

God Bless My this Little rather Big FAMILY No. 3 ... :)

ps: i loved the stunning gift from my friends - a tiny tiara :)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Few more days for a new life

With few days left for a new beginning, a bit of nervousness, a smell of anxiety and a handful of thoughts, still make each day to pass with difficulty. Before my Doc sets a date,people have already started voting for their own dates. Some want the baby on my birthday,some on 28th, and strangely many on 15th ,me on 11th or 22nd and so on. Can't imagine stepping into the same shoes which I had left five years back..................
Something really funny, there is an ad showing kindergartners saying where a baby comes from. The kids say," a baby comes from mmmmmmmmmm somewhere", "a baby comes from special hugs","a baby comes from God" and all of a sudden, Gaurav speaks,"no, babies only come from Mommy's tummy, like my baby brother/sister will come." :)
So very special are these little ones ....
Well, so far so good... from 40 weeks to less than 40 days :)

God be in my head and in my understanding,
God be in my eyes and in my looking,
God be in my mouth and in my speaking,
God be in my heart and in my thinking,
God be at my end and in my departing.

and lastly
O God, I thank you for all that you have and you are giving me.
Please take care of all those who love me....
:x ps

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