Friday, May 31, 2013

Truth of Life :)

God drew an outline and sent us to this world. We fill it with different colors of our life. Sometimes red, few green places , some white spaces and some dark shades to overlap the pastels . But we choose the persons whom we assign to different phases or parts of our life. Few fade with passing time and a few remain intact.
I am not a typical viewer watching the so called tv serials these days. I have seen many people giving a stern look when you disturb them during the session. But why am I talking about it today ?Off late I watched few scenes of one of those soaps and few instances could not turn my face away and today was the ultimate. It just stopped, paused me for a moment. My heart pounded but the flowing blood was peaceful. A sweet girl interacting with a guy( probably her father) saying," the guy she wants to get married to is her Hero. Which upsets the guy a little bit. But then she continues saying, "But you will remain My Super Hero for my entire life." The scene, these lines were obvious to match my wave.
Super Hero, the person in whom I see my Best friend with whom I can share anything and everything at any point of time without any second thought. The person I can envy, I can be Mad with. The person whom I can trust as a Saver ,who can raise above the expectations I have from my brothers and The person whom I can give a rank way higher than my Father. He is my Super Hero. And I am truly, humbly, Blessed to have my Super Hero !

ps: You have taught me Everything in Life ... This Life is yours :)

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Beautiful !!!

A place I can't forget, a moment I won't ever regret !
Twenty minutes under the tomb gave me utmost peace.
I felt as if that was the place I would be with my love, live my love and speak my love with complete Silence.
The only feel that my mind was looking for was "Beautiful " and the only feel that my heart was speaking was " Beauty." 
The theme was seismic waves but the current was flowing in me. 
I just can't express what exactly I was going through but for the first time I saw the Serenity, the grace of San Francisco which once I had felt for Los Angeles.

California Academy of Science's planetarium gave me A worthy Beauty !
ps : closed my eyes for a second and lived love for seconds     :)

Will put the technical part in another post ... This was just the inner feeling ....

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