Monday, March 18, 2013

Loving my Sundays :)

When I do something apart from my daily schedule I feel happy. But if it make my presence felt and my passion implemented, I am just delighted. Earlier Sunday was just part of a weekend, some tv time, Biryani lunch n dinner from hubby's kitchen and some time with kids. But these days, I wait eagerly for my Sunday morning. Sharp 7:30 out of bed, freshening , tying saree ( as part of my practice costume), a light breakfast, preparing lunch ,getting kids ready by 9:00 and driving at a speed of 65 mph, heading straight to the Sai Baba temple, where my Mentor, friends and natkhat tots welcome me with a happy heart. Rhythm just flows and I step up. The 90 minutes I spend stepping with the group, I completely forget my husband and kids waiting for me at the near by play park. Regardless of the surrounding, I enjoy and live every second that I get. A moment where I express my feelings with my dance, where I am not judged but complimented even if I miss a beat, a platform to encourage the gracefulness of being a woman. With ladies being guided by my mentor and me taking care of the little ones, ooh I just love the way they fight for me. " You took a turn, now it's my turn. I will hold teacher's hand, she will be on my side. "I won't dance if teacher doesn't show me first" , the little angels fighting for me and that marks how innocent their love is. I love being part of their lives. Daughters are so precious :) My Sana is one of them.
I sink a little, when its departure time. It reminds me of all the natkhats my kiddos will be doing, but well, I do enjoy however they treat me. Gaurav being stubborn but caring for me whenever he gets a chance and Vaibhav, asking sorry a hundred times every night @ bed time,"Mamma sorry" and then hugging me and a sweet kiss :) .. They are my love, my Jewels.
Happy with my Sundays... Living it as much as I can :)

Nb: hurt myself badly today, fell down after stepping on bay blade placed underneath as a prank by my little one,. Hit my back and shoulder, Heavy swollen on the bottom of my foot...aaahh ouch ... Painful though ... My high spirits will keep me up and going...don't want to miss any Sundays

ps : Living life as it comes ..

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Jai Shiv Shankar !

I know it's going to be a tough day for me today, but my interest and dedication towards my class specially for the tots will keep my spirits high. Shedding pounds and loosing body fat encourage me to maintain my routine . Fasting will just be the icing on the cake !


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