Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I bet you would love to get one ...

I bet you would love to get a small , a reall small slap from some tiny hands.
Yes, I am sharing a moment with my lil one. A few days back, after his lunch, we were reading some books as part of our daily routine before siesta and I tried (ofcourse knowingly because I was sleepy)to skip a page and he knew it. I had to say sorry and read the entire book again;thats how he punishes me. But in the middle of the story, he asked for a break and said,"Mamma, I think you need a slap." I was shocked to hear that. I asked him,"Beta where did you hear that? Who told you to give a slap?"
He winked and with a sheepish smile he said,"don't worry Mamma, I will give you a small,a real small slap."
And he touched my cheeks with his tiny palm and said ,"see this is a slap.Hitting is not fare so I can give you a small slap." I wondered where he learnt that but were already cozy and slept after a while.
At such moments,even though I feel a bit annoyed, I can't raise a tone at him. He makes me feel super happy.

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Sasu ghara ra chahal pahal re gunji uthi thila gote nua naa, Bohurani !! Daruthili tanku, hele sneha re poti dei thile mote, Pati kholen...