Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Incredible a life !

she lives a life of solitude
which she thinks is gratitude
unuttered she spends her days
counting nothing but her pains....

people call her jubilant
they think she is exultant
indepth no one knows
how much she stays anonymous....

she loves to sacrifice
accepting it as solace
nothing but the truth
she longs for the bloom of youth...

people trust she is simple
but unaware they are of her wimple
inaudible remains the roars inside
smiling at anyone who stands beside.....

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Marriage !!!

Marriage, in a brief tone,sounds something like the "Assumption based upon the presupposition without preponderance of the facts." Isn't that a heavy explanation!
Since,its the time for several bonds coming up,it struck to me,why not share a few words.You must be wondering why I related Marriage to Assumption. In real life,when we fall in love ,before tying ourselves into the spiritual bondage,we tend to know each others likes and dislikes.We spend so much time together over phone,or chatting or dating that knowing either of the values and interests becomes easy. But once,we get into this wedlock,and then fall in love, we always try to analyse things by ourselves.
Even though we disliked subjects like,Permutation,Combination and Assumptions, during our school days,after marriage,every now and then,we are supposed to interpret our better halves thought processes;such as,what shall I do to put a smile on her face today,what shall I prepare to keep the hungry mind satisfied,what platter should solve the purpose.We start rationalising things on our own.We simply forget what our interests are. We keep on nurturing what our partner wants.
Thus, with the combination of various factors of life like,social,environmental,physiological,etc,we permute our adjustments ,assuming that we live a healthy loving life.
God be with all the rational fools who keep their brains actively busy with others' interests in spite of hearing to their Hearts.

Dear All, Enjoy all che sera, sera !!!

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