Tuesday, April 14, 2009

God u r always with me :)

how strongly ,
how closely ,
u hold me once...
no space for the air to pass..

so cozy,
so touchy,
just like a bugga bugga baby.

you touch me here n there,
you caress me every where.
a touch so agile.... a kiss so fragile...
this is how you care ...
in a moment that is rare ...

behold me when i am tired,
just to rest on your shoulder when 'ts required.
can we be in a bond which is virtual,
but still live a life of the usual?
this was once asked by u..
(now i ask )
can we still be sticked with that glue?

we are never the usual birds
spreading out their love notes,
we have always kept it a secret
yelling nothing but the donts...

let there be no spell from a witch
on your this little bitch
who still longs and waits for that...............
Strong, Close, Hold of yours...

Amen !!!


  1. abt this poem just i can comment....mindblowing...u know my special word umhn...umhn...:)

  2. wellllll ths sounds rly gud........ lage raho sis....... awsm start...


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