Thursday, July 23, 2009

this is what i have gained or earned so far...

I have been introduced to so many types of people, out of which , I have become a part to some. They say they like me, some say they enjoy my company, some want to be with me because they like my smile ,some say they like the sparkle of my eye.
Gradually they start opening up a book before me. I dont mean any novel, they open pages of their life. They share their happiest, funniest moments. Within few days of sharing they become more comfortable sharing their difficult times;times where they felt being left out, lonely. Some are there who just start off with their emotional pages and say ..."i dont know why i felt like sharing it with you. may be i find a friend in you." This usually happens when i meet a stranger. Well my friends were obviously strangers to me before introduced. It scraes me at times thinking ,if i am just a lending ear, how can i solve their puzzles.
With passing days I beacome a part of their life, I am introdiced to members of their families. I start fighting for their rights. I start fighting for freedom and see to it that they are free birds under the roof. At times even I have felt I am just a pillar for them. They come, stand besides me, scold or share whatever comes to their mind, they cry out their heart, thinking they have shaken me and solved ther jigsaws.
& Thus, this is how I mingle and joggle and then finally earn a smile on their face ...

To explain how this chart works with my life, I have used Electrolysis as a metaphor to Life. Elctrolysis means the passing of electric current through an electrolyte or the destruction of the root by an electric current. If i speak of life in such language i behave as the electrolyte ,the medium in which the flow of current (the way i introduce the do's n don'ts)is accompanied by the movement of matter(how well i make the members understand). Which means the diffusion media is mingling with the friend and the family.Membrane is the issue raised or the task i have taken .My ability to stand as a support for the needy is the catalyst. Thus, I am the electrolyte for their lives. :) head is runng faster i believe ..

Well when I wish a good night to thyself, I feel satisfied and believe a job well done when they sleep well..

Amen !!!

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