Sunday, August 13, 2017

100 Days in Plano !!

As I pen down my new journey , I will try my best not to hurt anyone or anything , accept what comes my way, learn to live and be the person I am. 
I definitely miss California but hope Texas brings something good .
As promised I won't show my tears and gulp in any pain and stay happy go lucky  ☺☺
My closed ones, you are always with me in every breathe I take and will think of the happy moments we spent ones, to overcome any sadness here.  You change my weakness to Strength , honestly Double My Strength.
Blessed to have you all in my life 🙏🙏

ps: will be restricting this post to only Texan Experience .

Day 1 :-
Pouring rains and Mixed emotions :
With a warm c-off  from the flight crew ,
we landed in our new destination - Destination Texas !
Pleasant weather made our beginning relaxed. Zee tv running in the room, we got ready for our 1st day adventure...Visiting friends  .
1st few minutes on road -
following map and adjusting with the crazy turns 😰😰
2nd shopping at Wal-Mart - huge , overly crowded with Indians 🙄🙄 making you feel walking and shopping at Ameerpet. 😄😄
3rd - A warm welcome from the friends .. but surprisingly,  parking near their house was the funniest part - just like any decent driver of California,  we wanted to take a u-turn to park for the left side house.
But instead , we could just park on the left , left side of the car facing the curb .😛😛
It gave the feel of parking anywhere , anyway in India .
Yummy food , hours of non-stop chit chat, late night Chai, Mr.Tandon's hilarious series , made our 1st evening in Texas happy beginning .
But just then, heavy rain made the drive back bit risky on the new road.
5th - last but funny 😀 there was a car ahead and as we were waiting at the signal, two girls just opened the car, came out and started Dancing..
 😂😂 They danced till the signal turned green .. funny, crazy, college goers 😀😀 May them keep chilling and enjoying life !
With the hope that Day 2 turns out equally good ... Adios Amigas !!

Day 2 :-
Anxiously we headed for Tribeca .. our new shelter .
Since it was pre-booked,  we just hoped it meets what it shows . During the initial formalities , I came across another old friend and as the ladies open their mouth,  poured in complaints of how small the apts are in real ... and never to trust any virtual touring . I took a step back when she said,"I hope you didn't do the same mistake ,sweety !"
Zipped - 🤐🤐
The tour started .. neat ambiance , clean veranda, but looked like - para bhadi☹☹
Apartments in Mumbai types .
As soon as the guide opened the door for us ..
 Stunned !!!
Where are we, what are we in, is it an Apt in "Texas" , is this the one we booked , are you kidding us 😲😲
The friend's words kept ringing ... why did we book online .. regardless of our need ... ufff 
Disappointed... Adjustment begins ... Apt sucks 😫😫
We asked for adjustments but have to wait for the Mgr to agree ... 
With disrespect towards virtual booking, we headed looking for any other apartment available and decent enough for our furniture to fit in.
Every look clearly said, throw away couch and dare if you unpack many .
All settlements shifted to the next day ... 
We wanted a familiar place to have lunch - PEx.was our closest and best option ... a good meal gave some relaxation .
Spent rest of the evening , switching channels and enjoying random tv shows.
Wanted to ended the night early, to gear up for another adventurous day - good or bad, we have to deal with it ... 
Buenas noches 😴😴

Day 3 :-
We start the day with a positive mind frame even though there were 50% chance of getting a good apt .
Pam seemed to be understanding but a very smart player . She gave us options which seemed okay to finalize a town home.  But unfortunately we couldn't take a tour of it . The floor plan seemed nice.  We agreed and Moved out of Tribeca with a satisfactory smile . 
1at sxhool registration waa fine .. we were happy that things were turning good compared to the previous days. 
Next tiring work was shopping for school supplies since the school had ran out of them. 
Well these things are part of schooling ,so no complains ☺☺
Our cars had arrived .. now it was time to find a spot to park 3 cars ,including the rental .
We called one of our friend's if they could help us.
Seemed like happiness was far out of reach .. my car didn't start 😵😵
Battery down ... 2 hours of wait and then jump started .
My 1st driving in Texan highway was a good experience . 
Pleasant drive, happy with friends ,yummy dinner ..... 
Along with All this. We went around looking for independent houses ... liked them all , but listed one. 
Hectic day with house hunt still on ... Need another round of good sleep .. so ,
Bonne Nuit 😴😴

Day 4 :-
Just like every dog has it's day, seemed like it was ours . Thinking about all the pros n cons, we decided to move into the individual house we had listed. There was a sign of relief on both of our faces and kids were super excited over the new adobe. 
Their criteria were equally met - stairs inside, separate bedrooms for all, wood flooring, etc etc ....
We were glad we got an Independent house on Independence Day and the house number added to #1  .. Touchwood , let the happiness sustain !
Day ended with sharing the good news with near and dear ones , who knew our frustration :P
Singing off for the day ...
Oyasumi ... Shhhhhh .....

Day 5 :-
Seems like our perspective about this place is changing :) The world was celebrating Lord Krishna's birth .. it was Natdostav ! We went to a newly built Radha Krishna temple and seeked Blessings! Pious and delicious Prashad Sevan added flavor to our evening and it was a happy ending for the day...
Jai Shri Krishna  🙏🙏

Day 6:-
Things were falling in place . An auspicious day and time was decided for accepting the keys to the new house, time to enter , perform a Small Puja ..
But the stupid jump start was annoying .. Had to get it fixed .. went to the Auto shop , changed the car battery and spent around five hours shopping school supplies.
Tired , returned to the room .. some healthy dinner and I am off for the day ..
You too have a good sleep ...
Shuv Ratri 😴😴

Friday, January 20, 2017

Best life can give

Chips n Salsa ...
Chess with Kiddo
Home Alone 2... n jst we 2 😊😊
Best Evening ...
@Kids#Lots of Love 😘😘

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

From His Desk ..........

Don't waste your time searching for your Shadow. There will be a time when even Shadow vanishes.... it won't join you in your last step.
You Must Remember, You have to walk alone in life. Ups and Downs are just passing stones. Never bend down to seek help unless worthy. Ask yourself for the favor you need...find it with you, in you .
Do research on yourself, not on people, they are never yours. Stay focused, try to know what exactly you want ... U Will Succeed !!!
From His Desk.... A man of Dignity n  Discipline, Carrying the Simplest ever Smile, a Gentleman could ever have, He ruled over us.
 Carrying A Hymn Book & His Diary in His hand, He delivered the Morning Sermons .
Proud to be a Stewartonian to have Completed my entire School Career Under One Principal.
Remembering all the Best Days of School,specially the late comer punishment of explaining a verse from the Bible, I bid you a Good Bye Sir !
Your words have always helped me Enlighten My Path !
May Your Soul Rest In Peace Pinci, Mr. Ashok Kumar Patra 
Amen ...

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A New Lesson :) A Beautiful Experience :)

It's always a pleasure when people acknowledge you for not what you are famous about but for something which is not ordinary in you. I am very well known as a Dancer but out of crowd someone noticed something in me, which I was never aware of. 
Late last night I got a phone call from a teenager saying," Aunty, my mommy said, you are very good in make up , can you please help me?"
I asked if she was talking to the right person :) She politely said, " we saw how well you blended shades for the Dance performance and now I have a Fashion Show at my school and my models need a good make up this time. Can you please help us!" 
Generous enough I agreed to help her with what ever I could. 
We decided to meet over and discuss her requirements . Her theme was "Elements of Nature" and she needed eye makeup to go with her theme .
I wanted her to do most of the talking. 
She flawlessly explained every bit of her element  . She was so clear with her concept that there was no looking back for me ... I decided to give it a shot :)
I tried to figure out few easy liners with both shades... 
With what shades I had, and with the inappropriate brushes, I tried a free hand. 
I will be given 20 mints for each model. Hoping that I will be able to give my best in making her show Rocking :)
It's totally a different experience working with teenagers - high schoolers :)
Will upload the final shades soon ... :)
Stay connected :)
Happy Working ... Happy Ending ☺️☺️

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Life is Simple :)

Life is simple :) ... We make it complicated :( 
Every day is different and so is every moment and movement of our life.
We do things to keep ourselves engaged through out the day . Dawn to dusk we prepare a target list and run after fulfilling them. If by any chance we miss out something, our next day turns out hectic because we strive to fit that extra work in our schedule . End of the day , we r stretched, stressed, gloom :-( 
We feel like throwing away stuffs , shutting the door and sitting idle for some time. Keeping the mind at rest , we start nurturing on various results that showed up after the hardship we performed . We become rational and start thinking of the probabilities of good and bad results .
By now Life is hectic :( -/( 
What if we slightly change our habit and twist our routine a bit ....
Instead of analyzing the report card, Won't  it be great if we could just smile and shut the job chapter for few minutes . Press the refresh button and gear up to the simple thoughts that genuinely bring the glow back on our face.
I am trying my best to incorporate few changes in my daily routine so that , my smile overcomes my stress.
Immediately after all my tasks, the moment I slip under my blanket, I spent few minutes with the best things that ever happened in my life which made me what I am today.
You can also do it and add freshness to your life ..... And trust me, you don't need a person or a gadget to do this.
Just open your life chapters.... Turn to the pages, where you have the best photo of your life, your favorite person's image, beautiful moments spent with your beloved, some notes that you have written or received , activities of your kids that charges you, .... The list goes on and thus, the peace ! 
Life has become so materialistic these days, that running after fulfilling needs is equal to a leech sucking blood. That's bad :(:( :(:(
We have one life, let's give and get our best out of it :):) :):)
Let simple things, simple achievements be our task so that we don't have to run after our smile... It will stick to us like our shadow :)

Life is simple :) ..... Let's not make it complicated :(

ps ... My Life, My Love, My Family ... 3 best things I have achieved so far :)

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Thanking The Almighty For This Special Day !!!

Neither do I know of tomorrow , 

Nor do I know of today. 

Neither can I get back yesterday, 

Nor can I talk everyday . 

But one thing I can do now , 

Is infect everyone with my smile ! 

May my smile shower happiness on all souls who cross my path and all souls whom my soul touches.

Wishing for some more great captures of my life, 

I Thank Him for this Life !!!

 HBD to me :)  

Amen ! 

Friday, January 2, 2015

Mesmerized with its Beauty !!!

Touch wood, so many pleasant views in such a short duration... not even 48 hours of 2015 and my eyes glanced so much ... Feeling Blessed !
Had been to a Very beautiful temple today... Swamynarayan Temple, Chino Hills..
The first view as we entered the parking lot, caught me so deeply that I couldn't wait for everyone to join and entered the premises. I walked slowly, leaving everyone behind. Each step was having its depth! The moment I opened the temple doors, the very first attraction was its changing colored lights.
With every breathe, they were changing.
I held myself for a moment...turned left and right to see Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvathi, Lord Raam and Maa Sita... they were glowing ! It felt as if, God himself has poured some glitter on thyself.
After offering prayers, I moved forward, ....
Oh What A Beauty.... If Simplicity can be described as Magnificent, then it was of my
Radha Krishna  ....
Mesmerized ! So Beautiful , So Attractive were my God !!!
I stood there for almost fifteen minutes, glancing at their pastel beauty ... Felt as if they were made to be there and I was made to see them there today ...when I was in need of them .
"Mile honge Radha Krishna issi Avataar main ..."

I am so glad, so happy that I visited the temple the day my heart really wanted to speak out.
In silence, I poured all my words under their feet. Blew my wishes to their forehead .... and Peacefully stepped out.

What A Lovely Day !!
God be with me, and in my arms.
God be with me, and in my dreams !


Waiting for my new strength !

One book had made me strong enough to survive all these years .... Whenever low, I used to turn to the book and start reading from any page. After few pages, I used to feel relaxed , settled in some subtle mood , and stay focused on my task. 
My heart used to be free from it's sunken state. But now, while I was looking for some images on google , my eyes got stuck to a page, scrolled back and froth to find something more . Found two beautiful images, images of my soul !
Shaken for a while, sinking for a moment... Tears unwantedly rolled down my cheeks ....
My strength became my weekness for a while :(
Sorry, I am speechless now .....

I am at the same place I was before,
But I want to change the book, for some years more !
FH will be set back for sometime ... Please suggest another novel ...
request ! ..... will be waiting ..
Alas !

Thursday, January 1, 2015


The beginning of A New Year !
A year full of surprises, hopes and wishes ..
A year packed with dreams and achievements ..
A year asking for bondage and values ..
A year To Live And Love !!!
Wishing everyone A Wonderful 2015 !!!!!

ps : Happy New Year :)

Friday, October 31, 2014

I am happy when I give time to myself... be it through Dance or Fitness or even Bi-cycling ... my new Addition to Life :)

When I say I am happy, it means I have a genuine reason to smile. Something has given me a cause to rejoice. No matter how valuable the subject is, but it surely has generated a degree of satisfaction and an opening to a broader view or a new wish. I have always preserved small happenings of my life which has given me a reason to live a lifetime. I never dream of high aspirations because i don't like the sign of dissatisfaction on my face. But yes, my wants, wishes or dreams might not be of any importance to many, but they are sensible to me because, I dream small and always pray towards achieving it. 
In this chaotic life, we often ignore things that we had ones thought of doing. We build a house, make our home, raise kids, project towards the well being of all, try to satisfy demands of family, corporate and what not.... But have we ever paused for a moment to think about what we had ones thought of doing ? Do we give ourselves a chance to ask what we want? Have we really given up on our interests or dreams? Why and What for ? 
Our duties always bind us with certain rules and regulations . Even if they allow us to go beyond our territories for some time, there is a certain constraint which pulls us behind. I try my best, to follow the path The Almighty has drawn for me but I still wake up with a hope that at least today I will give some time to shape or carve the inner smile I deserve. And I am glad I am able to do it.
I find some time to ride my bike,
into the woods I go for a hike.
Sixty minutes pass so soon
I feel its hardly time to noon.
As the wheels grin the road,
my dreams rotate in certain mode.
Things I had ones thought of.
Swirl around, letting sorrows go off !
Winds make tears roll down,
I feel my pains shed down.
Just like a little eel,
I stick to my dream wheel.
All that I had ones wished,
dream again with all the twists.
Randomly I choose my track,
Loving love that I never lack.
It gives me immense happiness,
When I fulfill my dreams with genuineness.
Either by force or by plead, 
I have always demanded my Wish !
Achieved it with all my risk;
Else I knew I would live bleed.
Dreaming with my open eyes,
even if You ask me why ?

ps: My love , My Dreams will never Die ... 
      Even if you ask Why? I will Smile with a Sigh :)
Amen !!!

Saturday, September 6, 2014


A pleasant morning 
With smile unexpected ;
Dream that'll haunt me today 
With petals on the forehead !

100 Days in Plano !!

As I pen down my new journey , I will try my best not to hurt anyone or anything , accept what comes my way, learn to live and be the pers...