Tuesday, April 14, 2009

life is so simple.... it turns u whenever it wants :)

u always complain that i divert a thing...
have u ever realised how you divert my being..
u keep me waiting , always wanting..
giving no chance to ask... no chance to repent.

i dont know why i still love you so much...
to the extent that u call me irresistible...
but i still long to be ur piece of munch..
even though i am not there to make it edible.

God has never been with me when i have asked on you..
but with no regrets i say its always You.

1 comment:

  1. Good thought process....but thing is ..as far as my understanding goes...'love God come what may'alongwith at times u r reflecting ur subdueness,that has to be on a tempo for God is within us...within everybody n in due course of time we should comprehend that HE is the divine master....but i have strentgh,confidence..etc all virtues to stand up to adversities....n all this virtues are strentghened bcause of HIS grace......good going..need some more lines from u...


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