Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Iss dard ki koi dawa nahin .....

Na shakal dekhi thi na surat
Bas bha gayi thi woh mann ko
Naam toh diya tha Sara, Magar pukaar na payi zara.

Kamal si khili aur lubha gayi
Din biti hi thi ki diya bujh gayi
Naam toh diya tha Sara, Magar pukaar na payi zara.

Meri kok main na pali
Par Beti thi woh meri
Naam toh rakha tha Sara, lekhin pukaar na payi zara.

Ye dard na mile kisiko
Dena hai to do ya na do kisiko....
Beti thi woh meri
duniya na dekh saki
Pukara tha jise Sara, na dekh na le saki zara.

God Bless My Daughter !
RIP ....
I am broken :(

Thursday, January 10, 2013

A WOW-full Evening !

It's always energizing when you enjoy your workout. I felt the same in my Zumba Class. Lot of moves, lot of positive energy and cheering for every segment.
I kept on moving with the rhythm when suddenly a tune played and I glared at Anna , my instructor . It was my favorite song and I was Dancing one of my favorite dances, Lambada.
I guess you got the song,

The one who made me cry has gone crying one day
The one who made me cry, has gone crying one day
He’ll be crying when he remembers a love
That he didn’t care one day
He’ll be crying when he remembers a love
That he didn’t care one day

The memory will be with him where he goes
The memory will be forever where I go

Dance, sun and sea I’ll keep on my look
Love makes (us) lose and find
I’ll be dancing lambada when I remember that this love
One day was king for an instant

The memory will be with him where he goes
The memory will be forever where I go.....

It's the song from Kaoma Lambada .

We were performing Zumba in Lambada style. I was feeling awesome ... WoW . Simply WoW !

ps: every step was a sinking breath, every smile was juggling between moves n memories :)
Love you :)

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Two Beautiful things that marked the beginning of this year !

With my neighbor falling sick on the 1st day of this year, my new year started with a chaotic schedule. She being old and me being one of the two closest neighbor she had, I had to dedicate few hours for the old and charming couple. After an emergency call to the hospital, paramedic and ambulance rushed to their apartment, Uncle was nervous but didn't show any sign on his face. He stood firm, watching what the helpers were doing to Aunty. They were checking for her blood pressure and pulse rate and started inquiring about her health to their son, bachelor of my age. The Inspection guy was unable to pronounce Aunty's name in the proper accent . Uncle was very upset ! He walked inside the room and told them how to take his wife's name. After few minutes she was rushed to the hospital. Uncle was freezing with tension ... few seconds later, I observed tears shedding from the corner of his eyes. He was missing aunty ! He hold my hand and said, " I am 72, never saw someone so sick. She is my wife, always strong at heart and mind. Why did such thing happen to her ?" Their daughter and we neighbors helped the old couple come out of their situation to a normal life. A few days passed, we were taking proper care of the family when suddenly one day Uncle spoke few words which marked a real Happy New Year . He said, " if I fall sick, things wouldn't have changed much but because the Lady of the house is sick, a husband is helpless, a child is speechless and the House is Lifeless." His words touched my heart. A man at this age respects and admires the beauty of his wife. For me they proved to be the true meaning for " Love Birds" . One thing I learned from him, Love your Love be it what. Life is unpredictable so let the heart be always heavy with Love !
As I mentioned, two things marked the beginning of my new year, the second thing is that I am able to stick to my resolution whatever comes my way. Waking up early and giving some time to thyself , having a proper schedule and hitting the gym for a healthy workout . Ending my day having fun with my kiddos and praying for everything the Almighty has given me so far .

ps : I am happy I never changed the inner me and I blissfully pray , I will never change for the people I Love.

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