Sunday, March 29, 2015

Life is Simple :)

Life is simple :) ... We make it complicated :( 
Every day is different and so is every moment and movement of our life.
We do things to keep ourselves engaged through out the day . Dawn to dusk we prepare a target list and run after fulfilling them. If by any chance we miss out something, our next day turns out hectic because we strive to fit that extra work in our schedule . End of the day , we r stretched, stressed, gloom :-( 
We feel like throwing away stuffs , shutting the door and sitting idle for some time. Keeping the mind at rest , we start nurturing on various results that showed up after the hardship we performed . We become rational and start thinking of the probabilities of good and bad results .
By now Life is hectic :( -/( 
What if we slightly change our habit and twist our routine a bit ....
Instead of analyzing the report card, Won't  it be great if we could just smile and shut the job chapter for few minutes . Press the refresh button and gear up to the simple thoughts that genuinely bring the glow back on our face.
I am trying my best to incorporate few changes in my daily routine so that , my smile overcomes my stress.
Immediately after all my tasks, the moment I slip under my blanket, I spent few minutes with the best things that ever happened in my life which made me what I am today.
You can also do it and add freshness to your life ..... And trust me, you don't need a person or a gadget to do this.
Just open your life chapters.... Turn to the pages, where you have the best photo of your life, your favorite person's image, beautiful moments spent with your beloved, some notes that you have written or received , activities of your kids that charges you, .... The list goes on and thus, the peace ! 
Life has become so materialistic these days, that running after fulfilling needs is equal to a leech sucking blood. That's bad :(:( :(:(
We have one life, let's give and get our best out of it :):) :):)
Let simple things, simple achievements be our task so that we don't have to run after our smile... It will stick to us like our shadow :)

Life is simple :) ..... Let's not make it complicated :(

ps ... My Life, My Love, My Family ... 3 best things I have achieved so far :)

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