Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A toast to Our Friendship !

It seems as if Artagnan just returned from his visit to Paris and narrates a wonderfully spend 2 months with three musketeers . They are all, one for all and all for one but the teasing, the leg pulling, the fights ,the affection, the care, the love that they share is way ahead of anyone's imagination. 
They did not see what's ahead and simply jumped into the well of friendship. Each step drowned them till they got tied. They got braided like a fishtail. It was just two of them. Then added one strand to loosen that bond and then one more addition & the bond became tighter. Stranded with each other they smiled and shoved off their sorrows and giggled over fresh happenings.
If anyone could hear them talk, "Ohoho aahaha hehehe ", were the sounds audible to the persons sitting next to them. No one knows what they talked but expressive were the emotions. 
Value the friendship and cherish the memories. 
Life is too short , no time to judge
Express your feelings , get indulged
Forget your pains , reveal the gains
Don't forget the past, never loose the present
Treasure your Treasures , that's what life measures !!!
Long live my friends, in colors we blend !!!!!

ps: in my heart you dwell , dusk n dawn I miss you all :(
      PAC are my life but one night with T gave me everything I had ones dreamt of and PACT motherhood for me . 
ThankYou :)
It all started with a Cup of Tea and ended with The Cup of Tea :) that's my kismat :)

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Daughters are so Special !

I always longed to have a daughter of my own. But God Blessed me with two precious boys. Not to complain as they tie me in the bond of Motherhood. 
But last night, the feel was something different. My friend's daughter had a sleepover at my place and she was just like my other children . Calm and quiet on bed, listening to prayers and closing their eyes. It was such a Blissful moment when she grabbed me and placed her hand around my tummy. Oh my God ! she made me feel how complete a family is when daughters are around. Well, I did miss Sara and Sana for sometime but ,the four more nights I have to spend with Tiya, will give enough pleasure and happiness to my heart which will remain with me at all times.

ps : the way she grabbed my tummy, I felt myself as a daughter being pampered and cared for the whole night. 
Lots of Love :)

Monday, August 19, 2013

The World is Our Playground .....

there's always some more friends to make
there's always a space at the table
there's always a new game to play.....
and it's changing everyday
so many new faces
we're dreaming while we're awake
no time to waste today......
(n no need to grow up )

PS: Its only the Place n the Place value that never changes
Memories Down The Lane Are, As Gentle As A Dove & As Fragile As Glass .... :)

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