Thursday, February 4, 2010

A glitter on my face

Smiling and giggling
i walk down the streets
unnoticed i keep my smile
which shows the glitter on my eyes

i know its time for love making
but blushing to walk with him
as if we were the new birds
chirpping the charming notes
embarassing though it feels
showing glitters on my cheeks

gems from the pink shell
peeping out now and then
removing hair from my face
to make it a clear view
i still woo
when glitters i dont know for who

i know its he...
cuz no one can take his place
but when it comes to show
i just show the glow
he knows and understands what i feel
but speechless he stands
when words want a reveal

few days to go......
no cards no gifts can speak out the truth
but expressions still yell the truth
its time to wish eachother the honesty within
yes, He is the Valentine my heart will always win !!!

I know its been seven years but still how can i stop wishing him...
Happy Valentine's day Ji :)

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Sasu ghara ra chahal pahal re gunji uthi thila gote nua naa, Bohurani !! Daruthili tanku, hele sneha re poti dei thile mote, Pati kholen...