Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Taste Swings

My taste bud has been different these days. Just like a mood swing,I get a taste swing very often. At some point of time,I feel like craving a huge piece of cake but sometimes even a spoon turns me off. Spice comes and goes the similar way. But it was horrible today !!!
I had to undergo a gestational diabetes test today morning for which I had to fast prior 1 hr and then the nurse gave me a drink to finish in a gulp. It was a 20 ounce Glucose based Orange juice.
I was surrounded with different patients and as a basic instinct everyone was glaring at me . I took the first sip ,as to taste it............ I looked at my husband and all others looked shocking at me !!! I couldn't gulp that very 1st sip even. 'twas so sweeeeeeeeeeeeet , so sweet , tasted just like a sugar syrup with sugar amount tripled. I had to finish it in one gulp ...crazy !!!
Chilled and sugary !
My test was after 1 hr of the drink intake and that was worse as the taste hardly changed from my mouth. Worse even was, not even was I allowed to intake water after that drink :(
In India, we don't have to go for this test but here you can't escape.
Hope my result shows I m not diabetic(as part of pregnancy) else, I have to undergo this test for 3 hrs and just imagine 3 bottles of the same juice .
Lucky enough it was Orange juice... think if it wasstrawberry or peach or something else.

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