Sunday, September 26, 2010

Back in the Spirit !

Play it again !!! Yes, play it again !!!
It feels so great to be back with the same spirit, I had few days, few months or even few years ago. Taking up challenges and hitting towards my goal was part of my activity and today I am back with the same enthusiasm. With changing friends, somewhere I had lost track of my own interests. Whenever I was bugged up, I Shopped ! But , that was never my so keen an interest.
People who have always guided me and made me realise who I am, meant everything to me.
And now, one of them did it again. And , that is the reason why she is my Best Friend !!!
Even though we are apart , hooked up with our daily schedules, thanks to our jabbering habit which keeps us going.
Make this your life's note: If you have someone who guides and thinks of you , in making you what you deserve, never ignore them. They are your true Treasures .

God Bless !!!

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