Thursday, October 7, 2010

sharing my experience .....

Ohh !!!
finally gone are the green at gill days .....
time for some cheer up , lill more action and lots of fun .....
Humming lullabies, swinging to music and a little bit of work out seems to enlighten me.
Things are definitely taking turns ,specially middle of the night ,when there is a sudden pluuuuumm in the tummy .
It sure is a new experience with Gaurav on one side and the lil one inside. His queries , his anxiety , his curiosity makes me forget the rest of the world . Rubbing my belly, hugging me, specially when I am tired or low and saying,"now this goes for my baby ", when I stop him, has given him the place of gehlufying me whenever n however i needed. :)
My this little one is growing up !
And I am sure at Bliss !!!

God Bless My Babies :)
Amen !!!

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