Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A piece of Art

The passion, the bond, the synchronisation, the element of love,the indepth feeling, all together in a A piece of classic has taken a place in me.
No wonder, there can't be a better way to express our feelings other than showing it in movements.

Actions Do Speak !!!

and now do not miss the original one


  1. Somaaaaa,

    Every time I see someone Ice-skating, it reminds me of one of the two long-pending things that I would simply loveeeeeeee to learn someday (hindi being the other thing). Besides that, this performance is simply jaw-dropping. Makes me wish I could simply skate - let alone dance - so smooth and niceeeeee.

  2. Yes Vinu, apart from amusing me,such things bring out the spirit of dance in me.



Sasu ghara ra chahal pahal re gunji uthi thila gote nua naa, Bohurani !! Daruthili tanku, hele sneha re poti dei thile mote, Pati kholen...