Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A piece of Art

The passion, the bond, the synchronisation, the element of love,the indepth feeling, all together in a A piece of classic has taken a place in me.
No wonder, there can't be a better way to express our feelings other than showing it in movements.

Actions Do Speak !!!

and now do not miss the original one


  1. Somaaaaa,

    Every time I see someone Ice-skating, it reminds me of one of the two long-pending things that I would simply loveeeeeeee to learn someday (hindi being the other thing). Besides that, this performance is simply jaw-dropping. Makes me wish I could simply skate - let alone dance - so smooth and niceeeeee.

  2. Yes Vinu, apart from amusing me,such things bring out the spirit of dance in me.


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