Saturday, May 25, 2013

Beautiful !!!

A place I can't forget, a moment I won't ever regret !
Twenty minutes under the tomb gave me utmost peace.
I felt as if that was the place I would be with my love, live my love and speak my love with complete Silence.
The only feel that my mind was looking for was "Beautiful " and the only feel that my heart was speaking was " Beauty." 
The theme was seismic waves but the current was flowing in me. 
I just can't express what exactly I was going through but for the first time I saw the Serenity, the grace of San Francisco which once I had felt for Los Angeles.

California Academy of Science's planetarium gave me A worthy Beauty !
ps : closed my eyes for a second and lived love for seconds     :)

Will put the technical part in another post ... This was just the inner feeling ....

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